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Historica Canada | Heritage Minute: Vancouver Asahi

From 1914-1941, the Vancouver Asahi were one of city’s most dominant amateur baseball teams, winning multiple league titles in Vancouver and along the Northwest Coast. In 1942, after Canada declared war on Japan, 22,000 Japanese Canadians were interned in the interior of BC, including the Asahi players.

Credits: Asahi player – Lou Ticzon | Narrator – Kaye Kaminishi | End Narration – Joy Kogawa | Director – Scooter Corkle | Director of Photography – Cole Graham | Produced by Point Blank Creative

Swimming Upstream: Japanese Canadian Struggle for Justice in BC

Swimming Upstream powerfully documents the Japanese Canadians’ case vs the BC government for its policies promoting ethnic cleansing, dispossession and community destruction – Maryka Omatsu

Ohanashi: The Story of our Elders

Hear about the experiences of Japanese Canadians directly from our elders in this 10-part interview series.

Irene Tsuyuki

Tom Sando & Shig Kuwabara

Shirley Omatsu

Alfie Kamitakahara

Marie Katsuno

Tak Miyazaki

Midge Ayukawa

Susumu Tabata

Kazuye Oye

May Komiyama

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