Media Resources

We are always creating educational resources and making various media available that is relevant to our mandate to promote a better understanding and appreciation of Japanese Canadian culture and heritage; and an awareness by all Canadians of the contribution of Japanese Canadians to Canadian society. See below for some of these resources, and find more on our site menu above under "Education", "Research", and "Exhibits".

Taiken Videos

Four videos of Japanese Canadian elders sharing their personal experiences before, during, and after the Second World War. Three videos 15-20 minutes in length with accompanying lesson plans and worksheets, and one additional six-minute video. Recommended age 10+

Omoi: Cultural Experiences videos

5-part video series of Japanese Canadian community members sharing their experiences with Japanese culture. 3-5 minutes each. Includes accompanying activity. Suitable for all ages: recommended age 10+

KimonoPlay app

Learn about kimono customs by dressing your own kimono doll in this online game. Suitable for all ages: recommended 5+

Nikkei Book Club

Discussion prompts for selections of Japanese Canadian literature. Anyone can post comments to continue the conversation! Recommended age 14+

Podcast: Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me

Learn about various topics of interest in Japanese Canadian history and culture. Over 25 episodes, approximately 30 minutes each. Suitable for all ages: recommended 10+

Other Cultural Resources

Various culture-related resources developed in consultation with the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre.