TAIKEN: Generations of Resilience

This exhibit is ongoing and FREE.

Explore Japanese Canadian history and continuing heritage on the walls of the upper level at the Nikkei Centre. Learn about the first immigrants from Japan to Canada; vibrant prewar communities in British Columbia; forced dispersal across Canada; and the continuing stories of civil rights and Japanese heritage in Canada.

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm (also available to view whenever building is open for events/programs)


We acknowledge the entire team of staff and volunteers at the NNMCC who are dedicated to honour, preserve, and share the history and heritage of Japanese Canadians and Japanese culture in Canada.
Original exhibit curation (Taiken: Japanese Canadians since 1877) | Beth Carter, Naomi Horii
New exhibit curation | Carolyn Nakagawa, Sherri Kajiwara
Project oversight | Karah Goshinmon Foster
Research and administrative support | Linda Kawamoto Reid, Lisa Uyeda, Nigel Town, Megan Hsu
Additional support | Patrick Fujisawa, Trisha Roberson

Graphic design | Ria Kawaguchi
French translation and editing | Nicholas Masse, Charlotte Maus
Japanese translation and editing | Keiko Kaneko, Masumi Izumi

Printing and installation | East Van Vinyl

"Who are we?" blurb from the Taiken exhibit
'War and Peace' wall of the Taiken exhibition
'The Internment Era' model display

Thank you