Nikkei Images is a publication of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre. The publication focuses on the history of ethnic Japanese (or Nikkei) in Canada. The first issue was published in January 1996.

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2018 – Volume 23

Volume 23, No. 1

  • p.4 “My Grandfather and the Cariboo Gold Mine” by Teruo Nakanishi
  • p.8 “Japanese Charcoal Pit Kilns in the Gulf Islands: History, Archaeology, Anthropology” by Stephen Nemtin
  • p.14 “Lion Valet: A Successful Dry Cleaning and Alteration Business” by Linda Kawamoto Reid and Yosh Arai
  • p.19 “A Man with Two Names” by Judy Teague
  • p.22 “Yobun Shima Uncovers a Baseball Legacy”
  • Back Cover "Hide Hyodo Shimizu's Legacy" by Michele Hii

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Volume 23, No. 2

  • p.4 "Minidoka Pilgrimage by a Canadian Yonsei" by Kayla Isomura
  • p.6 "The New Canadian’s poetic spirit" by Carolyn Nakagawa
  • p.9 “JETsetting in Japan” by Emiko Newman
  • p.12 “ 'you aren’t nice': On kinship, home, and being angry” by Nicole Yakashiro and Angela Kruger
  • p.19 “Japanese Omurice” by Yumi Nakatsu-Ariura
  • p.20 "A Yonsei Foodie Comes to Vancouver" by Kara Isozaki
  • p.21 "A Summer at the Nikkei National Museum" by Kaitlin Findlay
  • Back Cover "Marie Katsuno’s Pin" by Nathalie Picard

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2017 – Volume 22

Volume 22, No. 1

  • p.4 “Our Journey: Revisiting Tashme and New Denver after 70 Years”(part 1) by Micki Nakashima
  • p.8 “mensch.” by Erica Isomura
  • p.10 “Karl Konishi – a Memoir” by Karl Konishi
  • p.14 “Trans-Pacific Voyage: Kawabata Family’s 125 Years” by Yusuke Tanaka
  • p.18 “A Tribute to a Remarkable Man: Soi Isomura” by Kim (Oikawa) Kobrle
  • p.22 “Yuriko Obayashi Barrow: A Life History” by “Vicky” Yuriko Barrow

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Volume 22, No.2

  • p.4 “Our Journey: Revisiting Tashme and New Denver After 70 Years (part 2)” by Micki Nakashima
  • p. 10 “JAPANESE PROBLEM – a performance” Courtesy of Universal Limited
  • p.14 “Nakatani-Wakita: A Family Story (part 1)” by Yusuke Tanaka
  • p. 19 “Trans-Pacific Voyage: Kawabata Family’s 125 Years (part 2)”
  • p. 23 “let it not happen” poem by jeff Tanaka
  • Back cover “Telegrams to Grand Fords, 1942″ by Kaitlin Findlay

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Volume 22, No. 3

  • p.4 “Our Journey: Revisiting Tashme and New Denver After 70 Years (part 3)” by Micki Nakashima
  • p. 12 “Steveston Community Society and the Nikkei Community” by Kelvin Higo
  • p.16 “Thomas Hiroshi Madokoro”
  • p. 19 “Karl Konishi: A Memoir, part 2″ by Karl Konishi
  • Back cover “Treasure from the Collection” by Nathan Yeo

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2016 – Volume 21

Volume 21, No. 1, Spring 2016

  • p.4 “Cindy Mochizuki’s Paper” by Carolyn Nakagawa
  • p.6 “Remembering Mits Goto” by Kiyo Goto, Sherri Kajiwara, Cathy Makihara
  • p.8 “My Father, “Repatriation” and Medicare” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.15 “Stan Fukawa: A Lifelong Advocate for the Marginalized” by Howard Shimokura and Masako Fukawa
  • p.19 “The European Gentleman” by Kim (Oikawa) Kobrle
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection -Branston Violet Ray Generator” by Audrey MacDonald

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Volume 21, No. 2, Summer 2016

  • p.4 “Picture Brides – An Introduction” by Howard Shimokura
  • p.6 “A Tale of Two Baa-chans” by Raymond Nakamura
  • p.8 “Leaving Home: The Lives of Japanese Picture Brides” by Lane McGarrity
  • p.11 “Picture of a Bride” by Carolyn Nakagawa
  • p.12 Lillie Reiko Hamaguchi “My Story”
  • p. 15 “Memories of Itoko Imada” compiled by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p. 18 “Kinori Shinohara and Sanzo Oka: About Their Marriage” by B. Masako Stillwell
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection – Brown Suitcase” by Jessica Gerlach

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Volume 21, No. 3, Fall 2016

  • p.4 “Our Conscription Crisis” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p.8 “Nippon Fujinkai – Japanese Women’s Associations” by Eiji Okawa
  • p.10 “From World War I Battlefields to Vancouver, BC” submitted by Susan Yatabe
  • p.14 “Aitoku Yamasaki” by Sanae Fukushima, Gen Sato, and Ruth Simpson
  • p.18 “An Extraordinary Life – Saburo Shinobu” by Susan and Kazuko Yatabe
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection – Bust of Yasushi Yamazaki” by Carolyn Nakagawa

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2015 – Volume 20

Volume 20, No. 1, Spring 2015

  • p.2 “Celebrate Spring” by Momoko Ito
  • p.3 “Time for Change” by Beth Carter
  • p.4 “Kiyoshi Izumi, Saskatchewan Nisei Architect” by Kam Teo
  • p.12 “Staying Busy in Tashme” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.14 “Racism and the Expropriation on Saltspring Island” by Brian Smallshaw
  • p.22 “The Story of the Exchange” by Howard Shimokura
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection – A Desk from Tashme” by Linda Kawamoto Reid

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Volume 20, No. 2, Summer 2015

  • p.4 Message from the new Director
  • p.6 “Kondo: A Shrimp Fishing Family in Vancouver”
  • p.8 “100-year old Charcoal Kiln found on Salt Spring Island”
  • p.10 “Memories of My Life” by Rev Susumu Kyojo Ikuta
  • p.17 “Tashme Historical Project: An Update”
  • p.19 “George Nakamura turns 88″ by Raymond Nakamura
  • p.19 “Treasures from the Collection”

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Volume 20, No. 3, Fall 2015

  • p.4 “Celebrating Over Thirty Years” by Sherri Kajiwara
  • p.5 “Preserving our Japanese Canadian History & Heritage” by Frank Kamiya
  • p.8 “The Last Living Asahi: Kaye Kaminishi and His Life in Baseball” by Howard Shimokura
  • p.12 The Museum in Photos
  • p.16 “Roy Tomomichi Sumi: Renowned Designer and Architect of Japanese Gardens” by Emiko Sumi and Howard Shimokura
  • p.20 “Treasures from the Collection – Centre Model” by Carolyn Nakagawa

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2014 – Volume 19

Volume 19, No.1, Spring 2014

  • p.2  “The Final Negotiation” by Cassandra Kobayashi
  • p.3  “POST-REDRESS” by Beth Carter
  • p.4  “A Call for Justice” by Beth Carter
  • p.6  “Fighting for Redress” by Art Miki
  • p.8  “Redress after 25 years” by Tatsuo Kage
  • p.14  “What does Redress mean to you?”
  • p.16  “A Perfect Storm” by Randy Enomoto
  • p.18  “No Japs from the Rockies to the Sea” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.22  “Midge Eulogy” by Karen Kobayashi
  • p.24  “Treasure from the Collections”

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Volume 19, No.2, Summer 2014

  • p.1 Cover photo – The Consulate of Japan in Vancouver
  • p.2 “The Consulate of Japan in Vancouver” by Rachael Nakamura
  • p.3 “Summer Students help us get the job done!” by Beth Carter
  • p.4 “PARALLEL PATHS” by Consul General Seiji Okada
  • p.10 “Celebrating 125 years of the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver”
  • p.14 “Speaking to My Own” by Terry Watada
  • p.20 “Yesaki Family Chronicles – Part 1″ by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection” by Brett Hyska

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Volume 19, No.3, Fall 2014

  • p.2 Cover photo –  Tim Tamashiro Honours his Grandfather Masuro
  • p.3 “Remembering” by Beth Carter
  • p.4 “Shichi Teikichi: The First to Die” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p.6 “Canadian Japanese Association (Kanada Nipponjin Kai) by Kaye Kishibe
  • p.12 “Lest We Forget 1914-2014″ by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.16 “Saraba…Farewell”
  • p.18 “Private Iizuka: The Union Jack wants YOU…” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.20 “The Fighting Tenth” by Momoko Ito
  • p.22 “Medicine Hat’s Japanese-Canadian Soldiers” by Robert Bruce Shepard
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection” by Scott Owens

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2013 – Volume 18


Vol. 18, No. 1 Spring, 2013

  • p. 2  “The Strength of Nikkei Women”
  • p. 3  “Telling Everyone’s Stories in the Museum” by Beth Carter
  • p. 4  “The Diary of Kazue (Shiyoji) Oye” translated by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 10   “Jean Shigeko Kitagawa” by Masako Fukawa
  • p. 16 “Celebrating Nikkei Women”
  • p. 18   “My Share of Good Luck” by Margaret Lyons
  • p. 24  “Treasures from the Collection”

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Vol. 18, No. 2  Summer, 2013

  • p. 2  “Japanese Canadians at Hastings Park, 1942″
  • p. 3  “Crossing Borders” by Beth Carter
  • p. 4  “Reminiscences of My Stay in the Livestock Building” by Frances Kuniko Nakagawa
  • p. 6  “The Nishimura Family Internment Experience” by James Nishimura
  • p.11  “The Making of a “Re-pat” [Kika Nisei]” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p. 12  “Nisei 5-pin Bowling Leagues in BC” by Masako Fukawa
  • p.17  “Shirley Yamake Kakutani Omatsu” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.18  “Remembering Yasunobu (Anshin) Sugwara” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 20  “The Last Japanese Family to Leave Tashme” by Tak Negoro
  • p. 24  “Treasures from the Collection”

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Supplemental Article: The Making of a Re-Pat by Kaye Kishibe


2012 – Volume 17

Volume 17, No. 1, Spring 2012

  • p.1 Mrs. Hayashi’s House in New Denver
  • p.2 Life in New Denver, by Beth Carter
  • p.3 What does Membership Mean, by Beth Carter
  • p.4 Where Canadian Nikkei were Exiled, by Stan Fukawa
  • p.6 The Power of Euphemism, by Roy Miki
  • p.7 Reflections, by Ken Noma
  • p.8 Life in a “Self-supporting” Nikkei Family’s Shack, by Stan Fukawa
  • p.11 Lemon Creek Memories, by Midge Ayukawa
  • p.17 It happened here too, by Alexandra Wood
  • p.18 Memories of Taylor Lake, by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.22 Oak Bluff and Winnipeg, by Margaret Lyons
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

Download complete issue: Volume 17, No. 1

Volume 17, No. 2, Summer 2012

  • p.2  Rintaro Hayashi on the Fraser River, by Mariko Kazuta
  • p.3 Reeling in an exhibit, by Beth Carter
  • p.4 Ryoshi: Nikkei Fishermen of the BC Coast, by Raymond Nakamura
  • p.6 Jinshiro and Koyuki Yesaki, by Moe Yesaki
  • p.12 Return to Clayoquot Island, by Christine Kondo
  • p.14 Rescuing Wayward Men and Raising the Status of the Japanese In Canada:Early Goals for a Chapel/Hospital, by Stan Fukawa
  • p.17 The Restoration of Two Japanese-built Fishing Boats, the ‘NAKATA’ and ‘SEAGULL,’ by Robert Critchley
  • p.11 Lemon Creek Memories, by Midge Ayukawa
  • p.17 It happened here too, by Alexandra Wood
  • p.18 Confiscation of vessels owned by Nikkei fishermen, 1941, by Masako Fukawa
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collection, by Bronwen Bird

Download complete issue: Volume 17, No 2

Volume 17, No. 3, Fall 2012

  • p.1 Skating Gals At Tashme
  • p.2 Were You In Tashme?
  • p.3 Many Thanks…, by Beth Carter
  • p.4 95th Anniversary Of Vimy Ridge, by Linda Reid
  • p.6 Victoria’s Japanese Tea Garden, by Ann-Lee & Gordon Switzer
  • p.12 Birch Shinai, by Hirokazu Okusa
  • p.15 Kamiya Family Relocation To Oak Bluff, Manitoba, by Frank Kamiya
  • p.118 Memories … From The 1930’S To The 1950’S, by Mitsuko Shirley Teramoto
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

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2011 – Volume 16

Vol. 16, No. 1 Spring 2011

  • p.2 Store on Powell Street
  • p.3 Quick! Hayaku!
  • p.4 Monogatari: Tales of Powell Street (1920-1942)
  • p.5 Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall
  • p.6 Powell Street and the Japanese Canadian Community
  • p.8 St. Joseph’s Oriental Hospital (1928-1946)
  • p.10 Life on Powell Street (1900-1942)
  • p.12 Back in Powell Street
  • p.16 What Powell Street Means to Me
  • p.21 Delivering Fish Products to Powell Street
  • p.22 Reflections on the Powell Street Festival
  • p.24 Folding Pocket Camera

Download complete issue: Volume 16 No. 1


Vol. 16, No. 2, Summer 2011

  • p.2 The Royal Visit of 1939 by Bryan Akasawa
  • p.3 Building Community Partnerships by Beth Carter
  • p.4 A Visit to Mio Village and its Canada Immigration Museum by Stan Fukawa
  • p.6 World War II and Kika-nisei by Haruji (Harry) Mizuta
  • p.11 Two Unusual Artifacts!
  • p.12 From Kaslo to New Denver – A Road Trip by Carl Yokota
  • p.14 One Big Hapa Family by Christine Kondo
  • p.15 Jinzaburo Oikawa Descendents Survive Earthquake
    and Tsunami by Stan Fukawa
  • p.16 Growing Up on Salt Spring Island by Raymond Nakamura
  • p.20 “Just Add Shoyu” review by Margaret Lyons
  • p.21 Forever the Vancouver ASAHI Baseball Team!
    by Norifumi Kawahara
  • p.22 The Postwar M.A. Berry Growers Co-op by Stan Fukawa
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

Download complete issue: Volume 16 No. 2


Vol. 16, No. 3, Fall 2011

  • p.1 Kojiro Ebisuzaki on Grouse Mountain
  • p.2 Ski Season!, by Momoko Ito and Beth Carter
  • p.3 Volunteers Keep the Museum Ticking, by Beth Carter
  • p.4 Background of the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee, by Frank Kamiya
  • p.7 Japanese Canadian Soldiers from Southern Alberta in WWII, by David B. Iwaasa
  • p.12 Asahi Team Honoured with a Plaque, by Beth Carter
  • p.13 In Memorium – James Fukui
  • p.14 Lost in Translation: Attorney Ka-a-bo-o-ru, Supporter of Japanese Canadians, by Stanley Fukawa
  • p.16 Balloon Bombs from Japan, 1945 (in Japanese) by Mr. Suguwara
  • p.22 Just enough, Book review by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.23 Mystery of the missing luck, Book review by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

Download complete issue: Volume 16 No. 3


2010 – Volume 15

Special Anniversary Issue 2010

  • p. 3  “Celebrating Ten Years!” by Miko Hoffman
  • pp. 4-5  “The Dream of the Centre” by Cathy Makihara
  • pp. 6-7  “Saving the History of Japanese Canadians” by Frank Kamiya and Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 8-9   “Treasures from the Collections”
  • pp. 10-11  “The Auxiliary: Volunteer Service for the Centre and the Greater Community” by Yoshi Hashimoto
  • p. 12 “Thank you”
  • p. 13 “Thomas Kunito Shoyama” by Michiko Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 13  “George Oikawa – Persistence Pays Off!” by Linda Reid
  • p. 14  “Fond Recollections”

Download complete issue: Gala Anniversary Issue


Vol. 15, No. 1  Spring, 2010

  • p. 2  “The Faces of 328 Powell Street” by Carmen Lam
  • p.3  “Big Changes with Nikkei Images” by Beth Carter
  • p.4  “The Hirota/Obayashi Families” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p.10  “A Sewing Pattern for a Boy’s Sailor Suit” by Alexis Jensen
  • p.12  “The Tanaka Tofu Shop on Powell Street” recorded by Stanley Fukawa, edited by Mickey Tanaka
  • p. 16  “The Japanese Population of Steveston at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.18  “The Japanese Cemetery in Broome, Australia” by Stanley Fukawa

Download complete issue: Volume 15 No. 1


Volume 15, no.2, Summer 2010

  • p.2  “Powell Street, c.1936″
  • p.3  “Celebrating our National Heritage” by Beth Carter
  • p.4  “A Cultural Trip to Korea” by Yvonne Wakabayashi
  • p.6  “The Name of the Father of the Boy Minoru” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.8  “Grandfather Kenjiro” by Laurie Dinsmore
  • p.10  “Jordan Kitagawa” by Landon Kitagawa
  • p.15  “My Olympic Paintings” by Joyce Kamikura
  • p.16  “Remembering the 1907 Anti-Asian Riot” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.17  “Ebisu Park” by Masako Fukawa
  • p.22  “Happy Times” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p.24  “Treasure from the Collections”

Download complete issue: Volume 15 No. 2


Volume 15, no.3, Winter 2010

  • p.2 A Southeast Asian Diary, 1946
  • p.3 A New Plan for the Future, by  Beth Carter
  • p.4 The Rogers Pass Avalanche, by Tomoaki Fujimura
  • p.10 The Taiji Whale Museum, by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.13 In memory of Misao Fujiwara, by Frank Kamura
  • p.13 Grandfather Kenjiro – an addition, by Laurie Dinsmore
  • p.14 Four years in Hell, book review by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.16 Remembering the “Forgotten War”- Japanese Canadians in Korea, 1950-1953, by Roy Kawamoto
  • p.20 The Gardeners’ Association and the Nikkei Centre’s Mochi-Tsuki, by Stan Fukawa
  • p.21 Misty Skeena River (a short excerpt), by Tom Sando
  • p.22 Nikkei Place: Rebuilding a Sense of Place in the Nikkei Landscape, by Michael C. Wilson
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collection, by Alexis Jensen

Download complete issue: Volume 15 No. 3

Misty Skeena River by Tom Sando

Download full article: Misty Skeena River

2009 – Volume 14

Volume 14, no.1, Spring 2009

  • p1. Susumu ‘Sus’ Tabata by Susanne Tabata
  • p5. The Japanese Fishing Community of Ucluele Pre-1942 by Larry Mackawa
  • p8. Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet BC’s Japanese Canadian Fisherman
  • p9.  Order of Canada Receipients in the Nikkei Community by Carl Yokota
  • p10. Dantai Constitution, 1900 translated by Stan Fukawa
  • p15. Nikkei Group Formed in Yukon by Fumi Torigai
  • p15. Wada Mysteries Uncoverd in Yukon by Lillian Nakamura Maguire
  • p16. 解明される和田重次郎の謎、ユーコン (リリアン中村マグワイアー)
  • p17. チゴ畑の家の話
  • p22. ブック・レビュー”日系人の経験と国際移動”

Download complete issue: Volume 14 No. 1


Volume 14, no.2, Summer 2009

  • p.1  “New Museum Director-Curator: Beth Carter” by Miko Hoffman
  • p.2  “Report from Beth Carter”
  • p. 2  “A Review of Obachan’s Garden” by Rhys Davies
  • p. 4  “Ucluelet Fishermen’s Coop Constitution (Yuukuretto Gyogyo Kaisha Kiyaku)” translated by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 11  “National Association of Japanese Canadians Endowment Fund Recipients”
  • p. 11  “Report from the Executive Director” by Miko Hoffman
  • p.13  “Hapa – the New Face of the Japanese Canadian Community” by Christine Kondo
  • p.15  “Making Two Good Books – Nikkei Fishermen” by Paul Kariya
  • p.16  “The Tasaka Family History” by Ted Ohashi and Yvonne Wakabayashi
  • p.22  “Nikkei Place Volunteer Appreciation BBQ” by Carl Yokota
  • p23. サンドン 西村咲弥訳

Download complete issue: Volume 14 No. 2


Volume 14, no.3, Winter 2009

  • p.2  “Koichiro Sanmiya at the Hollow Tree 1920″ by Laura Hough
  • p.3  “Discovering the Collections” by Beth Carter
  • p. 3  “Twice Was Nice: A Royal Japanese Experience” by Carl Yokota
  • p.8  “Classic WW II Recipe for Stretching Soy Sauce in Canada” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.9  “Japanese Canadian Fishermen’s Assn Contributions” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.12  “The Japanese Weapon in the Strawberry King Competition” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.13  “A Christmas Tale” by Tom Sando
  • p.15  “Shoji Nishihata: Profile of a JCNM Volunteer” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.17  “I Felt We Had Come a Long Way” by Daniel Pi
  • p.19  “The Legacy of Nakamura Florist” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.23  “Hidden Treasures of the JCNM” by Sean Riley
  • p.24  “Two Views”

Download complete issue: Volume 14 No. 3

2008 – Volume 13

Volume 13, No.1  Spring 2008

  • p1. Issei Volunteer Soldiers of the First World War by kaya Kishibe
  • p6. My Life as an Immigrant, Artist and Gallery Owner by Motoko
  • p10. Ben Akira Iwasaki: How to Live to be Over One Hundred by Lynne R. Gardiner
  • p16. Travis Murao: A Profile in Courage by Kim Kobrle
  • p19. Heritage on the Rocks: Nori-Tori on the West Coast by Ann – Lee Switzer
  • p23. Lemon Creek Reunion – Toronto 2007 by Leslie Komori
  • p26. Nikkei Fishermen Biographies and Photos Volume Launched by Stan Fukawa
  • p27. Nikkei Place Update – February 2008 by Cathy Makihara

Download complete issue: Volume 13 No. 1


Volume 13, No.2  Summer 2008

  • p. 1  “Kaslo Museum Exhibit Honours Wartime Nikkei Journalists” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 3  “The Cork Mill” by Doreen Montgomery Braverman
  • p. 5  “The Box” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 6  “Jujiro Wada – Dog-Musher under the Northern Lights” by Lillian Nakamura Maguire
  • p. 8  “Three Films by Hirokazu Kore-eda” by Rhys Davies, QC
  • p. 11  “Artisan Sakemaker Celebrates First Year Anniversary” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 12  “Memories of BC’s Soft Fruits” by Margaret Lyons
  • p.  13  “The Vancouver Junior Go Association” by Paul Fulford
  • p. 14  “Family History Series No.9: Nikkei Fisherman Tohachiro “Toki” Kondo” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 19  “JCNM and UBC Press Launch Two New Books”
  • p. 20  “The Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 21  “Traditional Remedies, Part 2″ by Mary Ohara
  • p. 21  “An Umeboshi a Day…” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 21  “Medicinal Umeboshi” by Shizuko Mikurube
  • p. 22  “32nd Annual Powell Street Festival”
  • p. 23 “Redress 20th Anniversary Celebrations”
  • p. 23  “The Life of Paper; JCNM Exhibit”
  • p.24  “Otakara Hakkutsu – a Big Success” by Carl Yokota

Download complete issue: Volume 13 No. 2


Volume 13, No.3  Fall 2008

  • p. 1  “The River Garage” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 3  “20th Anniversary of Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement – Let’s Celebrate Together” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • p. 4  “Giri and Ninjo: Reflections on Redress” by Terry Watada
  • p. 10  “Mithlkum Belis: Nisga’a’s Shining Star” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 14  “1897 Constitution of the Steveston Fishermen’s Dantai” translated with comments by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 16  “The Hope Friendship Garden: A Memorial” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 17  “Wild Birds” exhibit
  • p. 18  “The Reality of Nikka Yuko” by Robert Hironaka
  • p. 20  “Harbour Publishing Announces Second Book on Nikkei Fishermen”
  • p. 20  “JCNM and Nikkei Place Highlights”
  • p. 21  “Watari Dori – Capturing the Redress Spirit” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 21  “A Family Affair” by Maiko Bae Yamamoto

Download complete issue: Volume 13 No. 3


Volume 13, No.4, Winter 2008

  • p. 1  “Messages from Cathy Makihara, Craig Ngai Natsuhara and Miko Hoffman”
  • p. 3  “Board of Directors of the National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre”
  • p. 3  “2nd Annual NAAAP Spotlight on Leadership Honours Harry Aoki” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 4.  “Book Review: Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada 1891-1941 (Michiko Midge Ayukawa)” reviewed by William McMichael
  • p. 6  “Artist/Craftsman Series No.13: Dreams, Reflections and Flight” by Naoko Takenouchi
  • p. 9  “Redress – 20 Years Later” by Art Miki
  • p. 10  “Satoshi (Sally) Nakamura (1908-1992)” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p. 12  “The Journey to Find My Father’s Resting Site in Japan” by Ken Kiyoshi Endo
  • p. 16  “Greenwood, Midway, Grand Forks and Christina Lake Reunion, June 29th, 2008″ by Carol Sogawa
  • p. 17  “Family History Series No.9: A Story of a Berry Farming Family” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p. 22  “Book Review: Wild Birds (Donna Yoshitake Wuest) reviewed by Edzard Teubert
  • p. 23  “野鳥 (Wild Birds)” by Sakura Nishimura – in Japanese

Download complete issue: Volume 13 No. 4


2007 – Volume 12


Volume 12, No.1, Spring 2007

  • p. 1  “Thomas Kunito Shoyama: My Mentor, My Friend” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 5  “National Treasure Lost, Nikkei Community Loses Inspirational Leader” by Robert Banno
  • p. 5  “Message to the Students” by Thomas Shoyama, 1944
  • p. 6  “Why I Am Buying Victory Bonds” by Thomas Shoyama, 1943
  • p. 6  “So This Was Our Domination”  by Thomas Shoyama, 1943
  • p. 7  “The Paradox of the Vancouver Riot of 1907″ by Dr. Patricia Roy
  • p. 10  “Powell Street Riot” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 12  “Perspectives on the 1907 Riots” by Woan-Jen Wang
  • p. 15  “Kozo Kitagawa and the Omiya Shoten and Tad’s Sporting Goods” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Tad Kitagawa
  • p. 19  “Hapa Animator a Voice for the Future” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 20  “Japanese Canadian National Museum: Winter 2006 Highlights” by Tim Savage
  • p. 21  “Nitobe Memorial Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 22  “February 2007 Nikkei Place Update” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 23  “Kenzo Mori” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 23  バンクーバー暴動

Download complete issue: Volume 12 No. 1


Volume 12, No.2, Summer 2007

  • p.1  “Tosh Mukaida: A man of Convictions” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.3  “Potato Kings, the Fujimoto Clones” by Terry Fujimoto
  • p.6  “Support your Museum with a Gift or Bequest”
  • p.7  “A Tribute to Sakuya Nishimura” by Tim Savage
  • p.8  “Norm Takeuchi’s Banners Grace Vancouver Streets” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.9  “Nikkei Fishermen’s Project Two-Volume History Coming Soon”
  • p.10  “Organizing the 2007 Anniversaries of Change” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.11  “Always” reviewed by Dale Banno
  • p.13  “Profile of Chef Daryle Ryo Nagata” by Christine Kondo
  • p.14  “June 2007 Nikkei Place Update”
  • p.15  “Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • p.19  “Things to Remember When Visiting North America’s Japanese Gardens” by Edzard Teubert
  • p.21  “Remembering Jack Duggan”
  • p.23  “2007 Obon Tour of Vancouver Island”

Download complete issue: Volume 12 No. 2


Volume 12, No.3, Autumn 2007

  • p.1 Alisa Noda(1956 – 2007)
  • p.2 A Celebration of Life – Alisa Noda by Gordon Kadota, Director, NNMHC
  • p.3 Gobo – A Japanese Canadian Heirloom Vegetable by Christine Kondo
  • p.4 What’s New and Different for Fall 2007 by Cathy Makihara, CEO
  • p.4 Matsutake Dreaming
  • p.7 Nikkei War Veterans: Ryoichi and Yutaka Kobayashi by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.10 The Memorial on Vimy Ridge by Roy Kawamoto
  • p.11 My Time in Tokyo by Alyssa Vallente
  • p.12 Anniversary 07 – Remembering the Asian History og WC Canada by Stan Fukawa
  • p.13 Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto)(Part II) by Dennis Madokoro
  • p.17 A Friend indeed – Memories of Jack Duggan by Reiko Tagami, Assistant Archivist, Japanese Canadian National Museum
  • p.19 Japanese Fisherman’s Hospital Office and Nurses’ Residence
  • p.21 “The Burmese Harp” and “Fire on the Plains” by Dale Banno
  • p.22 Traditional Remedies by Mary Ohara
  • p.23 “My Life So Far” by Eileen Hirota
  • p.27 ノース・バンクーバー日系伐採キャンプについて by Bob Machle

Download complete issue: Volume 12 No. 3


Volume 12, No.4, Winter 2007

  • p. 1  “John Endo Greenaway Honoured by NAAAP”
  • p. 1  “Remembering George Oikawa” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 1  “Mits Hiyashi Honoured by Japanese Foreign Ministry” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 5  “George Oikawa: Words of Remembrance” by Elmer Morishita
  • p. 7  “A Pastor from Steveston, Eddie Sensei”  by Eddie Yoshida
  • p. 10  “History of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple” by Robert S. Akune
  • p. 12  “Hamilton Japanese United Church” by Eiko Hosaka
  • p. 14  “The Sept. 1907 Riot and Gentlemen’s Agreement” by Michiko Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 16  “Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto) Part III” by Dennis Madokoro
  • p. 22  “Nikkei Place Update” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 23  “The Way of Tea” by Karen Duffield
  • p. 25  “Osake: One Man’s Vision” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 27  “カルタの歴史-西村咲弥著 (The History of Karuta)” by Sakuya Nishimura

Download complete issue: Volume 12 No. 4

2006 – Volume 11

Vol. 11, No. 1 Spring 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “A Journal Comes of Age: a decade of Nikkei Images” by Michael C. Wilson
  • pp. 3-5 “Reminiscing about the Steveston Japanese Language School and Moncton Street” by Miyo Saito
  • pp. 5-7 “Steveston Japanese School” by Harold Steves
  • pp. 7-9 “Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall” by Francis Motohisa Niiro
  • pp. 9-12 “From ‘Bridge Across the Pacific’ to ‘Global Citizen’: Japanese as a Heritage Language in Canada” by Hiroko Noro, Ph.D.
  • pp. 12-13 “Osaka Science Centre Hosts Kusaka Symposium” by Victor Kusaka
  • pp. 13-17 “Journey as an Artist” by Joyce Kamikura
  • pp. 17-18 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Spring 2006” by Timothy Savage
  • pp. 18-23 “Yoshio Johnny Makokoro (Part 1)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 24-24 “Gordon Ryo Kadota Awarded Order of Rising Sun” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 24-25 “Valuing Our Heritage: It’s Your Choice” by Reiko Egami [re: items in Museum collection]
  • p. 25 “Suian Maru Centennial Update” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 26-28 Botched Japanese language article – software problems. Reprinted in Autumn 2006 issue. “Kami ga watashi o Nihon ni tsukawasareta” by Ikuye Uchida. In English, Summer 2004.
  • p. 28 Membership

Download complete issue: Volume 11 No. 1


Vol. 11, No. 2 Summer 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “Oikawa Nappa – a Nikkei Heritage Spring Vegetable” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 3-4 “Japanese Canadian National Museum and Its Origins” by Frank Hanano
  • pp. 4-5 “Japanese Canadian History Preservation Committee, 1984-1988” by Dan Tokawa
  • pp. 5-6 “A Heartwarming Story About Searching Family Roots” by Stan Fukawa [re: Japanese searching Canadian roots]
  • pp. 6-9 “Beaconsfield Book of the Month Meeting: a talk with Dr. James Hasegawa”
  • pp. 10-16 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 2)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 16-17 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Summer 2005” by Tim Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “The Naming of Minoru Park in Richmond, BC” by Jack Lowe
  • p. 18 “’Images of Internment’ Exhibition Opening” by Frank Kamiya
  • pp. 19-21 “Senji Nakamura” by Sakuya Nishimura [re: Japanese youth in Canada 1906-1910]
  • pp. 21-24 “Yama Sen no Bankuba Jidai” by Sakuya Nishimura [Japanese version of previous article]
  • p. 24 Memberships

Download complete issue: Volume 11 No. 2


Vol. 11, No. 3 Autumn 2006

  • pp. 1-2 “Portland Japanese Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • pp. 3-4 “The Japanese Garden at Dinner Bay, Mayne Island” by Alan Cheek
  • pp. 4-5 “Seattle Japanese Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • pp. 5-6 “Maestro Derrick Inouye” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 6-12 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 1)” by Dennis Madokoro [mistaken repeat from Spring 2006]
  • pp. 12-19 “Post-War Japanese Immigrants and their involvement in the Community” by Tatsuo Kage
  • pp. 20-25 “Remembrances of New Denver, 1942-1946” by Roy Yasui [re: first winter in a tent]
  • pp. 25-27 “My Dual Affiliations with Japan and Canada” by Miho T. Steinberg
  • pp. 27-28 “Oikawa Collection and Suian Maru Descend-ents Return to the Fraser” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 29-30 “Masao (Mas) Kawanami 1923-2005” by Roy Kawamoto
  • P 30 “Report on the Annual General Meetinf of the National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre” by Cathy Makihara
  • pp. 30-32 “Japanese Familis on Annacis, Don and Lion Islands and Queensborough” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 32-36 “Kami ga watashi o Nihon ni tsukasasreta” by Ikuye Uchida [English version, spring 2006]
  • p. 36 Memberships

Download complete issue: Volume 11 No. 3


Vol. 11, No. 4 Winter 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “Mr. Nishikaze’s Rock Garden: an Obsession” by Henry Shimizu [re: a New Denver garden]
  • pp. 3-5 “A Legacy of Teaching” by Patricia Tanaka
  • p. 5 “Greg Miyanaga, a Master Teacher” by Masako Fukawa
  • pp. 6-11 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 3)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 11-13 “Ian Alistair Mackenzie” by Mary Taylor
  • pp. 13-14 “A Book Review of ‘A Black Mark’” by Margaret Lyons (nee Inouye)
  • pp. 14-16 “Seattle’s Nihonmachi Past Found at the Panama Hotel” by Carl Yokota
  • pp. 16-17 “Fraser River Shad” by Terry Slack and Mitsuo Yesaki
  • pp. 18-20 “My History of Ochazuke” by Shane Foster
  • pp. 21-22 “35 Year History of the Gladstone Nippongo Gakuen and Japanese Language Education in BC” by Yoko Murakami
  • pp. 22-24 “Remembering Oikawa Jima and Sato Jima, BC” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 24-25 “Japanese Canadian National Museum – Fall/Summer 2006 Highlights by Tim Savage
  • pp. 25-26 “Mrs. Takenaka and the Writings of Mikio Higashi” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 26 “Many Thanks to Suian Maru Supporters, Donors”
  • pp. 27-28 “Kanbarando” in Japanese by Sakuya Nishimura summary history of Japanese in Cumberland from 1892 to 1940.
  • p. 28 Memberships

Download complete issue: Volume 11 No. 4


2005 – Volume 10


Vol. 10, No. 1 Spring 2005

  • pp. 1-3 “For the Love of the Game” by Carl Yokoto [re: Kristy Odamura, softball star]
  • p. 3 “Nikkei Logging Site Tour” notice
  • pp. 4-7 “Textile Artist: Yvonne Wakabayshi” by Lesley Richmond
  • pp. 7-8 “About Mr. Osamu Kasahara” by Alice Takaki
  • pp. 8-14 “Masao and Fumie Hayashi (Part 2) by Patsy Kikumi Kikegawa
  • p. 15 “Nikkei Thoughts on Writing” by Craig Takeuchi
  • pp. 15-16 “Shashin: Japanese Canadian Studio Photography to 1942” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • pp. 16-17 “Shashin: Japanese Canadian Studio Photography to 1942” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • pp. 17-19 “Shuichi Kusaka: 1915-1947” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 19-20 “The Chinese Canadian Historical Society (CCHS) is Formed” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 20-21 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report for Spring 2005” by Tim Savage
  • p. 21 “Thomas Kunito Shoyama Receives Another Honour” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • pp. 21-23 “In the News – Sampling the Archival Treasure Trove” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 23 “Asahi Exhibition Receives Gifts from Sponsors”
  • p. 24 Events: “Jan-Ken-Pon! Family Games Day” JCNM Lecture Series: “Nikkei Landscapes – Nikkei Design,” “50th Anniversary of the Steveston Judo Club,” “Twenty-seven Years with Japanese Immigrants in Amazonia”
  • p. 24 Memberships

Download complete issue: Volume 10 No. 1


Vol.10, No.2 Summer 2005

  • p. 1  “The Call of the Amazon” by Anne McVety (Uchida)
  • p. 5  “The Koyama Home and Four Lanterns” by Nan Capogna
  • p. 8 “Shirley Takako Inouye – Ocean Inspired Artist” by Tamaka Fisher
  • p. 9  “Dr. John Stanley (Stan) Rowe (1918-2004)” by Wakako Ishikawa
  • p. 12 ” The Thomas K. Shoyama Papers at Library and Archives Canada” by Yuri Shimpo
  • p. 13  “The Little Town That Did: The People of Chemainus and the Japanese” by Kay Minami and translated by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 15  “Glencoe Sugar Beet Camp, May 29th – November 12th, 1942″ by Yon Shimizu
  • p. 20  “The SUIAN MARU Centennial Celebration” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 21  “Kushiro Sister City Delegation to Burnaby” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 21  “Worth a Thousand Words” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 23  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report” by Tim Savage
  • p. 23  “Request for Information” from Marilyn Robb

Download complete issue: Volume 10 No. 2


Vol. 10, No. 3 Autumn 2005

  • pp. 1-2 “Zennosuke Inouye: Canadian Veteran” by Peter Neary
  • p. 2 “Japanese Canadian Veterans and War Memorial in Stanley Park”
  • p. 3 “Unveil Japanese Memorial Today” Vancouver Sun, April 9,1920, with permission
  • pp. 3-5 “Unveil Shaft to Japanese Soldiers” Vancouver Daily Province, April 9, 1920, with permission
  • p. 5 “Monument to Japanese Canadian Volunteers Serving in Great European War” summarized from Tairiku Nippo, April 9, 1920
  • pp. 5-7 “Lest We Forget: A Dedication to Commemorate the Re-lighting of the War Memorial to Japanese Canadian Soldiers of World War I, Aug. 2, 1985” by Tamio Wakayama
  • pp. 8-11 “Yoshizo and Alice Myra Takeuchi” by Mitsuo Yesaki [re: a WW1 vet fisherman, non-JC wife]
  • pp. 12-13 “Thoughts on the Canadian Japanese Volunteer Corps” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 13-15 “Fred Kagawa’s War: Etobicoke Veteran Served Country and King with Psychological Operations” by Gregory Wowchuk and Katharine Williams
  • pp. 15-16 “Upcoming NNMHC Events” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 16-17 “Japanese Canadian National Museum – Fall 2005 Report” by Tim Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “NNMHC Role in the Kushiro 40th Anniversary Visit” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 18 “Book Review: Tasaka” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 19-21 “Tamaka Fisher: Life artist” by Juan Pablo Sandoval
  • p. 21 “Photos of Stan Rowe”
  • p. 22 “NNMHC Annual General Meeting, 2005”
  • pp. 22-24 “Sutanree Koen no Kanada Giyuhei Kinin-hi” Article in Japanese on JC War Memorial, Stanley Park
  • p. 24 Membership

Download complete issue: Volume 10 No. 3


Vol. 10, No. 4 Winter 2005

  • pp. 1-5 “The Story of Tagami Bros., Lumber” by Tom I. Tagami
  • pp. 6-7 “A Search for Kilns in Japan” by Jackson Hirota
  • pp. 8-11 “Masako Hori: Creating an Awareness of Traditional Japanese Art Forms” by Nancy Berke and Grace Morissette
  • pp. 11-14 “The Saito Berry Legacy” by Michael Saito
  • pp. 14-16 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Winter 2005” by Timothy Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “Peter Shoji Yamauchi” by Stan Fukawa [re: a WW II vet]
  • p. 18 “Lest We Forget” from Remembrance Day Ceremony at Stanley Park, Nov. 11, 1992
  • pp. 19-20 “Artifacts from Early 20th C. Nikkei Logging Camps in North Vancouver” by Bob Muckle
  • pp. 21 “Nikkei Logging on the North Shore” by Carl Yokota
  • pp. 22-23 “Lumber Industry Material from the Museum Collection” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 23-24 “Higashi Mikio shi no Zuihitsu to Takenaka-san” (in Japanese) by Sakuya Nishimura [re: Guitarist Mikio Higashi visits in search of his Canadian roots: grandfather was Z. Higashi, Anglican missionary in Pt. Essington, father was Peter Higashi, first editor, New Canadian] English version Winter 2006
  • p. 24 Memberships

Download complete issue: Volume 10 No. 4

2004 – Volume 9

Volume 9, No.1, Spring 2004

  • p. 1  “From the Diaries of the Rev. Kosaburo Shimizu” by Grace Arai
  • p. 6  “A Legacy of Two Cultures” by Gordon Kibble
  • p. 8  “The Oriental Home and School in Victoria” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 9  “Steveston Buddhist Temple 75th Anniversary” by Larry Ryan
  • p. 10  “Early Days in Silverdale” by Kim Walker
  • p. 12  “The Ikeda Family and the Canadian Men’s National Gymnastics Team” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 13  “A Wildlife Photographer” by Roy Itaru Hamaguchi and Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 16  “Life After 42″ by Mike Saito
  • p.18  “Japanese Canadian Internment Camp in Eatonville?” by Jerry Hind
  • p. 19  “Things Japanese Sale”
  • p. 19  “From the Museum – A report from the Manager/Curator” by Steve Turnbull

Download complete issue: Volume 9 No. 1


Volume 9, No.2, Summer 2004

  • p. 1  “The Shimizu Family Story” by Tsutomu (Stum) Shimizu
  • p. 7  “Aiko Sato, 1909-1954″ by Kaye Kishibe
  • p. 9  “History of the United Church of Canada with the Japanese” by May Komiyama
  • p. 10  “God Sent Me to Japan” by Ikuye Uchida
  • p. 16  “Soichi Shiho, Recipient of Royal Canadian Humane Association Citations” by Sakuya Nishimura and Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 17  “Nikkei Week 2004″ by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 18  “From the Museum – A Report by the Manager/Curator” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 18  “JCNM Lecture Series: Canadian and American Treatment of the Nikkei, 1890-1941: A Comparison” by Dr. Patricia Roy
  • p. 19  “Re-opening the Gate: Japanese Immigration to Canada, 1945-1967″ by Dr. Patricia Roy
  • p.20  “Dr. Henry Shimizu, Order of Canada Award”

Download complete issue: Volume 9 No. 2


Volume 9, No. 3, Autumn 2004

  • p. 1  “Princess Takamado Visits Steveston and the Nikkei Centre” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 2  “Duck Decoys: From Utilitarian Object to Art Form” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 8  “The Shimizu Family Story Part II: Life and Times at Store and Fisgard Sts” by Tsutomu (Stum) Shimizu
  • p. 14  “Visit of the ASAMA and AZUMA to Vancouver, June 19 to 23rd, 1914″ by Mitsuo Yesaki and Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 17  “Shashin: Japanese Canadian Studio Photography to 1942″ by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • p. 18  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report, Fall 2004″ by Tim Savage
  • p. 19  “Board of Directors, NNMHC, 2004-2005″
  • p. 19  “Nikkei Week 2004 Schedule Announced”
  • p. 19  “Things Japanese Sale” by Frank Kamiya

Download complete issue: Volume 9 No. 3


Volume 9, No.4, Winter 2004

  • p. 1  “Archaeology of Nikkei Logging Camps in North Vancouver” by Bob Muckle
  • p. 3  “Richmond’s Strawberry King” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 5  “Berry Picking in Mount Lehman” by Chuck Tasaka
  • p. 6  “The Times They Are A’Changin” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 10  “Family History Series No.2: Masao and Fumie Hayashi (Part 1)” by Patsy Kikumi Kikegawa
  • p. 18  “Artist/Craftsman Series No.4: Sharon Minemoto Leads Vancouver Jazz Quintet” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 20  “Katari Taiko Turns 25!” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 21  “Nikkei Week Salutes Unique Century of Nikkei Farms” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 22  “Japan Trip – Player’s Observations” by Liam Nediger
  • p. 23  “Japan Trip – Parent’s Observations” by Bill Nediger
  • p. 24  “Yamanaka Lacquer Ware Artisans Visit Nikkei Place” by Carl Yokota

Download complete issue: Volume 9 No. 4


2003 – Volume 8


Volume 8, No.1, Spring 2003

  • p. 1  “Pioneer Issei: Tomekichi Homma’s Fight for the Franchise” by Andrea Geiger-Adams
  • p. 6  “Tomekichi Homma” by Yoshimaru Abe
  • p. 8  “Personal Recollections of Tomekichi Homma” by Keiko Tenney-Sean Homma
  • p. 9  “Recent Archives of Acquisitions at JCNM” by Tim Savage
  • p. 10  “I Was Not a Good Detective” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 11  “Book Review – Japanese Community in Mission” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 12  “Sources of Historical and Genealogical Information in Japan” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 13  “Steve Turnbull Appointed Manager Curator of JCNM”
  • p. 15  “Ties to the EMPRESS” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 16  “A Call for Pre-War Oshogatsu Celebration Stories

Download complete issue: Volume 8 No. 1


Volume 8, No.2, Summer 2003

  • p. 1  “A Valuable Addition to the Japanese Canadian Museum Archives” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 2  “Jitaro Charles Tanaka and Sumilo Suga Tanaka Collection” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 4  “My Training on the Koto” by Sho-ko-to Kobayashi Teresa
  • p. 5  “Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group” by Akemi Komori
  • p. 6  “Nishikawa Dance Group” by Tamae Oishi
  • p. 7  “An Inventory of Steveston Judo Club Photographs” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Haruo Hirata
  • p. 8  “Resources on Internment” by Masako Fukawa
  • p. 9  “A Legacy of Stories: Storytelling in My Life” by Yukiko Tosa
  • p.10  “JCNM Manager/Curator’s Report” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 11  “Addendum to JCNM President’s Report 2001-2002″ by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 12  “Museum Formally Merges with NNHCS” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 13  “Review – NFB Documentary, Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story” by Liz Nunoda
  • p. 13  “Museum Celebrates Successful Event” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 14  “Review – SUTEBUSUTON: A Japanese Village on the British Columbia Coast” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 15  “Kinzie Tanaka, Political Activist, Excerpts from a Memoir” by Yon Shimizu
  • p. 18  “Unlucky Sugar Beet Workers” by Yoshiaki Matsumoto

Download complete issue: Volume 8 No. 2


Volume 8, No.3 Autumn 2003

  • p. 1  “Madam Butterfly, Margaret Harumi Iwasaki Peters” by Lynne Reiko Gardiner
  • p. 5  “Carl Ogawa, Olympic Silver Medalist” by David G. Ogawa
  • p. 7  “Olympic Dreams” by Alan Sakai
  • p. 10  “Toshio Uyede’s Reminisces of the Victoria Judo Club” by Yoshio Shimizu
  • p. 11  “Remembering the Vancouver Asahi”by Frank Moritsugu
  • p. 14  “Kamloops Nisei Baseball Team” by Ken Kochi
  • p. 14  “High Boat Trophy” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Larry Maekawa
  • p. 15  “Ozawa Hotel” by Toshio Uyede
  • p. 16  “Tatsumi Dance Group’s Trip to Lethbridge” by Dawn Yoneda and Corey Matsuo
  • p. 17  “A Christmas Eve Miracle: Strange but True” by Toshio Uyede
  • p. 18  “JCNM at the Powell Street Festival, 2003″ by Elmer Morishita
  • p. 19  “Report from the JCNM” by Steve Turnbull, Manager Curator
  • p. 20  “Message from the President, Fred Yada”

Download complete issue: Volume 8 No. 3


Volume 8, No.4  Winter 2003

  • p. 1  “Haru Moriyama’s Reminiscences of Oshogatsu in Mission” by Fumi Tamagi
  • p. 4  “New Year Celebrations in the Thirties” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 5  “Shogatsu Celebrations in Tokyo During the 1930s” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 6  “The Japanese Sword Collection of Yoshimaru Abe” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 8  “Ethnic Expectations” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 9  “Friends of East Lillooet Reunion” by Dr. Aki Horii
  • p. 10  “Steveston Buddhist Temple 75th Anniversary Celebration” by Larry Ryan and Kiyo Domai
  • p. 12  “Mission Long Overdue” by Dr. Jim Shiro Hasegawa
  • p. 13  “Nikkei Week 2003 Summary” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 16  “JCNM Manager/Curator’s Report” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 17  “My Dad and the Canadian Fishing Company” by Roger Kamikura
  • p. 18  “Shining Light” by Carl Yokota (re Japanese Canadian War Memorial)
  • p. 20  “Victoria Japanese Community at April 22, 1942″ by Toshio Uyede

Download complete issue: Volume 8 No. 4

2002 – Volume 7

Volume 7, No.1, Spring 2002

  • p. 1  “Celebration of Japanese Canadian Redress” by Edward Broadbent
  • p. 2  “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro” by Dennis Madokoro
  • p. 6  “Memoirs of Yukinori Peter Takasaki” as translated by Mayumi Takasaki
  • p. 7  “Jiro Kamiya, Master Carpenter” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 9  “Still Lingers On: The 60th Anniversary of the Internment. Part I – No Alternative” by Tom I. Tagami
  • p. 13  “Tashme School Days” by Marie Katsuno
  • p. 14  “My Most Vivid Memories of Evacuation” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 15  “Watari Dori (A Bird of Passage) by Larry Maekawa
  • p. 19  “JCNM Mochitsuki Report” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 20  “JCNM New Board Members” by Stan Fukawa

Download complete issue: Volume 7 No. 1


Volume 7, No.2, Summer 2002

  • p. 1  “A History of the Steveston Judo Club” by Jim Kojima
  • p. 4  “Pilgrimage to Manzo Nagano’s Grave Site” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 6  “Richmond Tall Ships 2002″ by Harold Steves
  • p. 7  “New Denver Revisited – Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Forced Relocation of Japanese Canadians”
  • p. 8  “Nikkei Week 125″
  • p. 8  “University of Victoria Conference”
  • p. 8  “Toyoaki Takata, 1920-2002″ eulogy by Stum Shimizu
  • p. 9  Paul Kariya Heads Pacific Salmon Foundation
  • p. 10  “Angler POW Camp 101″ by Carl Yokota

Download complete issue: Volume 7 No. 2


Volume 7, No.3, Autumn 2002

  • p.1  “Kendo in Canada, 1900-1950″ by Joseph Svinth
  • p. 3  “Our Living Treasure: Thomas Kunito Shoyama” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 4  “Tsuneharu Gonnami” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 5  “Why Hakujin Can’t Catch Sockeye or a Japanese Canadian Fishing Legacy? by Paul Kariya
  • p. 6  “Home Again (Terminal Island)” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 7  “Spirit of Steveston” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 7  “Galiano Island Vice-Regal Visit” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 9  “Speaking Notes for Mayne Island Japanese Garden Dedication Ceremony” by Jenji Konishi
  • p. 10  “The NIPPON MARU Visit” by Kelvin Higo
  • p.11  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Members Vote YES on Merger” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 12  “Still Lingers On: The 60th Anniversary of the Internment. Part II – A Ganbare Family” by Tom I. Tagami
  • p. 18  “My Experiences During the Second World War” by Tamiko Haraga
  • p.20  “Nikkei Week Festivities, 2002″

Download complete issue: Volume 7 No. 3


Volume 7, No.4, Winter 2002

  • p. 1  “Nikkei Week 125th Anniversary Dinner Address” by Lieutenant-Governor Iona Campagnolo
  • p. 4  “JCNM President’s Report” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 7  “UVic Conference – Changing Japanese Idenitities in Multicultural Canada” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 7  “Early Japanese Canadian Community in Tofino” by Midge Ayukawa with Edward Arnet
  • p. 10  “A Nagaya in Vancouver” by Kiyoshi Shimizu
  • p. 11  “Proposed Project for the 50th Anniversary of the Steveston Judo Club” by Alan Sakai
  • p. 12  “A Perfect Gift for the Holidays at the Museum Shop” by Grace Thomson
  • p. 12  “Roy Miki Wins 2002 Governor General’s Award for Poetry”
  • p. 13  “How Long Was Amerika’s Five Years” by Larry Maekawa
  • p. 14  “Memories of East Lillooet” by Larry Maekawa

Download complete issue: Volume 7 No. 4


2001 – Volume 6


Volume 6, No.1 Spring 2001

  • p. 1  “Ucluelet: As It Was Before 1942 (Part I)” by Larry S. Maekawa
  • p. 4  “Community Memorial Services for Dr. W. Fujiwara” by Frank Kamiya
  • p. 4  ” Japanese Newspapers and Magazines in Vancouver”  by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 6  “Portland’s Japanese American Historical Plaza” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 7  “Why do you want to volunteer for the JCNM?” by Hiroko Cummings
  • p. 7  “Why I became a Board Member”

Download complete issue: Volume 6 No. 1



Volume 6, No.2 Summer 2001

  • p. 1  “Japanese Charcoal Pit Kilns on the Gulf Islands” by Stephen Nemtin
  • p. 4  “A Family History: Bunjiro Sakon” by Patricia Tanaka
  • p. 5  “Japanese Smelt Fishers of Point Grey” by Terry Slack
  • p. 6  “Ucluelet: As It Was Before 1942 (part II)” by Larry S. Maekawa
  • p. 9  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Open House” by Frank Kamiya
  • p. 9  “A Day of Remembrance” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 10  “A Guidebook to Living in Canada – 1906 Style!” by Sakuya Nishimura and Susan Michi Sirovyak

Download complete issue: Volume 6 No.2


Volume 6, No.3 Autumn 2001

  • p. 1  “Roy Hamaguchi, a Gizmo Award Winner” by John Hurst
  • p. 2  “The Biography of Sataro Kuwahara, Retail Merchant” by Tom Kuwahara
  • p. 4  “Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre” by Kelvin Higo
  • p. 5 “Fraser Valley Buddhist Church 45th Anniversary Service” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 6  “Bamfield, Vancouver Island” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 8  “The First Powell Street Festival” by Tamio Wakayama
  • p. 11  “Mary Hirano: Cultural Events Coordinator for the Steveston Salmon Festival” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 12  “Does Anyone Know? Japanese Language and Community Centre in Chemainus, BC”

Download complete issue: Volume 6 No. 3


Volume 6, No.4  Winter 2001

  • p. 1  “Fancy Stuff Keeps BC Carver Busy for DUCKS UNLIMITED”
  • p. 2  “Mrs. Okada’s Kamaboko Factory” by Larry Maekawa
  • p. 4  “Remember When” (about oolichan fishing) by Wm. (Bill) Hutcherson
  • p. 5  “Books about Japanese Canadian history for Young Readers” by Masako Fukawa
  • p. 6  “In Memory of Robert K. Iwata” by Frank Kamiya
  • p. 7  “Community Celebration Dinner” by Frank Kamiya
  • p. 7  “Our Unique Past; Our Destiny? by Raymond Moriyama O.C.
  • p. 11  “Tribute to Nikkei Pioneers – Issei and Nisei” by Dr. Paul Kariya
  • p.13  “JCNM President’s Report – 2000-2001″ by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 14  “Nikkei Fishermen’s Reunion” by Dr. Paul Kariya
  • p. 15  “JCNM Annual General Meeting, October 27, 2001″
  • p. 15  “Call for your Internment Stories”
  • p. 16  “Volunteer Appreciation Dinner” and “Powell Street Festival”

Download complete issue: 2001 Volume 6 No. 4

2000 – Volume 5

Volume 5, no.1  Spring 2000

  • p. 1  “History of the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Hall” by Y. Richard Yagi
  • p. 3  “JCNM Open House a Smashing Success”
  • p. 4  “O-kaeri! A Set of Dolls Comes Home” by Susan Michi Sirovyak
  • p. 5  “From Far and Wide” byReiko Tagami
  • p. 6  “The Japanese Canadian Heritage Trail”
  • p. 7  “Pidgin Japanese Canadian” by Haruko Okano

Download complete issue: Volume 5 No. 1



Volume 5, No.2  Summer 2000

  • p. 1  “Topaz (War Relocation Authority WRA) Relocation Camp” by Charles Kubokawa
  • p. 3  “Archives: A Treasure Trove to Mirror Our Colourful Past” by Frank Moritsugu
  • p. 6  “Terminal Island: A Southern California Connection” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 8  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Internment Camp Bus Tour”

Download complete issue: Volume 5 No. 2



Volume 5, No.3  Autumn 2000

  • p. 1  “The Making of the Japanese Canadian National Museum” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • p. 3  “My Fellow Canadians” by Thomas K. Shoyama
  • p. 5  “Reflections on Redress” by Art Miki
  • p.7  “Amerika Mura’s “Books for Canada” Society” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 8  “Brief History of Japanese People in Vernon”
  • p. 8  “Japanese Canadians in Kamloops”
  • p. 10  “Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre, New Denver, BC”
  • p. 10 “Past and Upcoming Events”
  • p.11  “The Move to Nikkei Place”
  • p.11  “History of Powell Street and JANM Visitors”
  • p.11  “Powell Street Festival”
  • p.12  “Celtic Cannery Walking Tour”

Download complete issue: Volume 5 No. 3

Volume 5, No.4  Winter 2000

  • p. 1 “Museum and Inaugural Exhibition Opening – September 22, 2000″
  • p. 3  “History is not Irrevocable! speech by Dr. Michael Ames
  • p. 3  “JCNM AGM President’s Report” by Frank H. Kamiya
  • p. 5  “Internment Camps Tour” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p.9  “A Cat’s Tale” by Sharon Slack
  • p. 9  “It’s a Small World!” by Larry Maekawa
  • p. 10  “Oshogatsu: A Family Tradition” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 11  “Hashi Kai! Memories of BC Security Commission Blankets” by Tom I. Tagami
  • p. 12  “Seeking an Answer” by Tom I. Tagami

Download complete issue: Volume 5 No. 4


1999 – Volume 4


Volume 4, No.1  Spring 1999

  • p.1 “Sannosuke Ennyu’s Diary” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 3 ” Unearthed from the Silence at the Richmond Museum”
  • p. 5  “JCNMAS News and Events”
  • p.6  “Pacific Boat Building Company” by Mitsuo Yesaki

Download complete issue: Coming soon!



Volume 4, No.2  Summer 1999

  • p. 1  “Our Pioneer Issei Centenarians” by Toyo Takata
  • p. 3  ” Citizen Kaye” by Susan Nishi
  • p. 5  ” The Courageous Story of Mrs. Hide Shimizu, Teacher” by Harold Steves
  • p. 6  ” My Hero: Thomas Kunito Shoyama” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa

Download complete issue: Coming soon!



Volume 4, No.3  Fall/Winter 1999

  • p. 1 “My Dream May Yet Come True” by Frank Moritsugu
  • p. 3  “Preserving Our People’s History” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 3  “Captivating Collections” by Susan Michi Sirovyak
  • p. 4  “Comfort Food: A Taste of History” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 5  “Even Specks of Dust….” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 5  “Unearthed and on the Road!” by Susan Michi Sirovyak
  • p. 6  “Challenges of the Millenium Museum Project” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • p. 8  ” Welcome to our New Board Members!”
  • p.9  “We Thank You!
  • p.16 “West Coast Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization”

Download complete issue: Coming soon!

1998 – Volume 3

Volume 3, No.1 Spring 1998

  • p. 1  “Finely Crafted Wooden Boats and Magnificent Gardens – Steveston’s Murakami Family” by Marilyn Clayton
  • p. 3  “Japanese Canadian Directory –  Useless then, Priceless Now” by Toyo Takata
  • p. 4  “Watari Dori (A Bird of Passage)” reported by Liz Nunoda
  • p. 5  “Tragedy on the Fraser” by Eric Sokugawa
  • p. 8  “Thank you from the JCNMAS”

Download complete issue: Coming soon!



Volume 3, No.2 Summer 1998

  • pp. 1-2  “Canning Salmon on the Skeena” by Sakuya Nishimura and Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 3  Nikkei and the ‘Net’ by Thomas Quigley
  • p. 4  “Topaz Reunion Report” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa and Karen Kobayashi
  • p. 5  “Steveston: Cannery Row” reviewed by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 8 “Thank you from the JCNMAS”

Download complete issue: Coming soon!



Volume 3, No.3  Autumn 1998

  • p. 1   “Fanny Bay… A Once Busy Logging Centre” by Rick James
  • p. 3  “JCNMAS Archival Report” prepared by Shane Foster
  • p. 5  “Nikkei Uprooting During World War II”  by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 6  “Computerization of the 1901 Canada Census – A New JCNMAS Project” reported by Mitsuo Hayashi
  • p. 8  Thank you from the JCNMAS

Download complete issue: Coming soon!



Volume 3, No.4 not produced.

1997 – Volume 2

Volume 2, No.1 April/May 1997

  • p.1  “A Postcard from American Village” by Yuri Shimpo
  • p. 3 “Did you know” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p.3  “Exhibit Update: Unearthed from the Silence” by Yuri Shimpo
  • p. 4 “Thank You” and “Kids Korner”

Download  complete issue: Volume 2 No. 1




Volume 2, No.2 not produced.


Volume 2, No.3 July 1997

  • pp. 1-6  “A Powell Street Walking Tour” by Judy Inouye
  • pp. 7-8 “Thomas Kunito Shoyama: Our Living Treasure” by Midge Ayukawa

Download complete issue: Coming soon!




Volume 2, No.4  November 1997

  • pp. 1-3  Preserving Family Photographs” by Shane Foster
  • p. 4  Welcome to our New Board Members!
  • p. 5  “JCNMAS Oral History Project” by Minnie Hattori
  • p. 6  “Powell Street – A Photographic Record” by Judy Inouye

Download complete issue: Coming soon!

1996 – Volume 1

Our First Issue – Volume 1, No.1 January 1996

  • p.1 A Welcome from your Board of Directors
  • p.2 introducing our new logo
  • p.3 A Brief History of the Canadian Nikkei by Audrey Kobayashi

Download complete issue: Volume 1 No. 1




Volume 1, No.2 April/May 1996

  • p.1 Focus on Volunteers
  • p.2 From the editor
  • p.3 Society now has Charitable Status
  • p.4 Grant Received for “Unearthed from the Silence” Exhibit by Michael C. Wilson
  • p.5 Japanese Canadian War Memorial Monument Found on B.C. North Coast
  • p.6 Japanese Canadian Places Project Michael C. Wilson
  • p.7 Those Photographs!
  • p.7 Events Calendar
  • p.8 Founding Members (to April, 1996)Japanese Canadian National Museum & Archives Society
  • p.8 List of Financial Donors

Download complete issue: Volume 1 No. 2


Volume 1, No.3 July 1996

  • p1. Exhibition Projects Take Shape by Michael C. Wilson
  • p2. From the editor
  • p3. Yosai (Western Sewing) by Midge Ayukawa
  • p7. More on Those Photos
  • p7. Events Calendar
  • p8. List of Donors-in-Kind
  • p8. Nominations Welcome
  • p8. Information Please: Powell Street (Japan Town) Restaurants

Download complete issue: Volume 1 No. 3


Volume 1, No.4 December 1996

  • p. 1  “A old image springs back to life” by Michael C Wilson
  • p.2  “Message from the Editor” by  Michael Wilson
  • p.4  “Looking back at 1996″ by Naomi Sawada
  • p. 5  “A Year in Images”
  • p. 6  “From Shoeboxes and Dresser Drawers: The Development of our Archives” by Shane Foster
  • p. 7  Volunteers from Japan assist with Archival Work by by Michael C Wilson
  • p. 7  Experiential Studies at Canadian International College by Jen-Beth Fulton
  • p.8  News & Events

Download complete issue: Volume 1 No. 4