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This year marks the 21st anniversary of Nikkei Centre. During the past 20 years, we have built a home for Japanese Canadian history, heritage and culture — a place to gather and build community, to share our legacy, and to educate and inspire diverse audiences locally and globally.
We offer unique programming, exhibits, and events, and ensure the legacies of people of Japanese ancestry in Canada live on into the future.

JULY 2021 - FEBRUARY 2022

In honour of the vision of our founders, we embarked on the Inspiration Fundraiser in support of the Friends of Nikkei Centre Maintenance Fund. This Fund ensures the maintenance needs of our museum & cultural centre can be met for many years to come.

The Vision of Our Founders + The Future Ahead

We at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (Nikkei Centre) wish to thank our supporters for inspiring us to face the challenges of this past year with resilience, hope and determination.  
We are inspired by founding leaders who spearheaded the creation of Nikkei Centre, from a dream to reality. Their efforts, and that of other community leaders since, continue to ensure Nikkei Centre stands as a legacy at Nikkei Place to honour, preserve, and share Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian history and heritage for a better Canada. 
Join us on social media throughout the campaign, and be inspired by the stories and people who have helped shape our vibrant community and cultural centre.

Thank You for Supporting the Care & Repair of Our Cultural Centre!

We wish to thank all our donors who answered the call to help build the Friends of Nikkei Centre Maintenance Fund into a healthy contingency for future facility maintenance, repairs and capital improvements such as:
  • Roof Replacement
  • Elevator
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Flooring
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
Your support is instrumental in supporting the care and repair of Nikkei Centre, and ensuring we can continue to be a place that serves the needs of seniors, children, families, individuals, organizations, and community well into the future.

Inspiration Fundraiser Donor Wall

July 1, 2021 - February 1, 2022

Louise Akuzawa & Ron Kruschen
Anonymous (9)
Karen Baker-MacGrotty
& David MacGrotty
Maiko Behr
Troy Bullock
Manami Calvo
Dean & Ayumi Dalke
Akemi Eddy
EllisDon Corporation
Fortis BC Energy Inc.
Fortis BC Energy Inc. - Art Kanzaki
Akiko Gomyo
Mutsumi Hamakawa
Kathryn Hayashi
George & Elaine Homma
Reiko Cheryl Honkawa
Naoto Horita
Frances H. Isomura
Kevin & Denise Isomura
Dick Iwanaka
Don & Kumiko Iwanaka
Jim Pike Ltd.
Fran & Mike Johnson
Erik, Sara, Ruby & Colin Johnston
Shinobu Kadome

Bill & Toshiko Kajiwara
Kim Kamimura
Frank & Naomi Kamiya
Art Kanzaki
Dan Kunimoto
L.A. Shoji Foundation
Cathy Makihara
Robert Maruyama
Yuki Matsuno
Debbie Miki
Evy Miki
Ian Miki & Chieko Chijiwa
Jason Miki
Joseph & Suanne Miki
Patrick T. Miki
Tsuneko Miki
Tsuneo & Noriko Miki
Izumi Miki McGruer
Alan & Wakako Morris
Kaori (Mick) & Mariko Namiki
Roberta H. Nasu
Craig Natsuhara
Nikkei Place Foundation
NNMCC Auxiliary
Dan & Colleen Nomura
Carrie Okano

Nancy Okano
Herbert I. Ono
Fred Parsche
Lui Passaglia
Plant-A-Life Products Ltd.
Brock Radloff
Chikako Rahman
Salim Rahman
Howard Shimokura
Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee
Keiji & Melody Shudo
Mr. & Mrs. Sueyoshi
Cheryl Suzuki
Debra Suzuki
Kenneth & Rosemarie Takeuchi
Charles Tasaka
Sanae Togashi & David Peters
Anibal & Tracey Valente
Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association
Henry & Yvonne Wakabayashi
Fred & Linda Yada
Rickey & Margaret Yada
Felicia Yee
Jack Yeh
Charito Yuen

Tribute Gifts were made to honour the following people


Inspiring Founders & Leaders
Japanese Canadian War Veterans
Jasper & Smokey
Tsuneo Miki’s 88th Birthday
Ken & Miyo Saito’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Henry Wakabayashi
Sam Yamamoto’s 100th Birthday


Tom & Emily Baker
Robert T. Banno
Kay Bartnik
Mitsuo Hayashi
Motoi & Suyeko Iwanaka
Gordon Kadota
Jean Kamimura
Yosh & Kay Kanzaki
Okinu Miki
Robert Miki
Okinu, Ichitaro, Robert, Ichio Miki
Dr. Tatsuo Okamura
Tamotsu & Misao Ono
Bernice Radloff
Miki Tanaka
Masako Yada

Inspiring Community Stories

20 years of Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre

20 in 2020 

Recently digitized photographs follow the archives from a small office on Broadway to our purpose-built museum space today: a journey seen through groundbreaking ceremonies and community gatherings.

Elders Roy Uyeda & Akira Horii give talks to students about growing up Japanese Canadian

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Roy Uyeda and Akira Horii — elders in our community that have volunteered for many years with Nikkei Centre's Taiken education program. They are dedicated to giving talks to students about their experiences growing up Japanese Canadian.

Nikkei Women series

Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me Podcast

During the exhibition "Iron Willed: Women in STEM" the Nikkei National Museum's podcast shared ten stories of Nikkei Women. Lives of remarkable Japanese Canadian women who have survived through the Japanese Canadian internment. Listen to these on our website or subscribe to Sounds Japanese Canadian To Me on your Podcast platform.

Samurai Armour Preserved at Nikkei National Museum

From the Robert Samuel Alexander Collection

Watch this episode of Treasures from the Vault to learn about this near-complete set of samurai armour, dating back to circa 1850, preserved in our museum vault. Robert was a well-known Vancouver artist who purchased the armour from an antique shop (probably on Granville Street) in circa 1942.

Nikkei Matsuri: Building Community Through Arts and Culture

A summer tradition at Nikkei Centre

Nikkei Centre has hosted the ever-popular Nikkei Matsuri summer festival for the past 8 years. Watch highlights from last year's re-imagined version "Summer at Nikkei Garden". The 9th annual Nikkei Matsuri returns with "Mini Matsuri" this year on labour day weekend, September 4 & 5, 2021!