TAIKEN Field Trips

Explore over 100 years of Japanese Canadian history and culture. Learn from community members and elders, engage with our collections and museum exhibits, and participate in fun hands-on activities to learn about Japanese arts and culture, such as  Karate, Ikebana, and Kimono.

Duration: 120 minute
Price: $8 (+tax) per student. Accompanying adults are free.

Minimum 6 | Maximum 60 students per Field Trip. For larger groups, please contact learning[at]nikkeiplace.org to discuss possibilities.


  • discriminatory government policies
  • social injustices
  • inequality issues
  • immigration & multiculturalism

Grades 5 & 6 – Social Studies

Engage with archival photos, artefacts, and community stories to explore the history of Japanese immigration to Canada, experiences of internment and the impact on the lives of Japanese Canadians past and present.

Grades 8-12 Social Studies

Examine archival photos, artefacts, and oral histories to investigate concepts of social justice and inequality. A Japanese Canadian elder shares their Nikkei Experiences reflecting on pre-war, internment and post-war life.


  • immigration & multiculturalism
  • human rights
  • cultural identity
  • community engagement 

Grades 5 & 6 – Social Studies

Explore Japanese Canadian history, the impact of internment on JC communities, and make connections to cultural identity by participating in hands-on traditional Japanese arts, such as Karate, Ikebana and Kimono Dressing/Odori.

Grades 5-12Japanese Language

Learn about Japanese Canadian history to gain insight into the local Nikkei community. Elements of the TAIKEN CULTURE program can be offered in Japanese to encourage students to practice their listening and conversation skills. Fun hands-on cultural activities that will educate students about Japanese traditions, and increase awareness of cultural practices.

Trips with a combination of Taiken: History and Taiken: Culture activities are available. Please indicate your desired focus in the online booking form below, and mention any specific points of interest in the “other information” box.

Order Bento Lunch

Bento are Japanese style lunch boxes with an assortment of dishes that kids and adults alike enjoy! A lunch room is provided when ordering Bento to be enjoyed either before or after your TAIKEN Field Trip.

Pre- and post-visit information packages:

Elementary Field Trip Information Package

Secondary Field Trip Information Package

For more information please contact learning[at]nikkeiplace.org or 604.777.7000 ext 113