Our Rooms

Capacity limits for rooms are as follows:

  1. MATSU: 50 persons 
  2. TSUBAKI: 50 persons 
  3. KAEDE: 50 persons 
  5. ELLIPSE LOBBY: 140 persons
  6. 1/3 HAYASHI HALL: 100 persons
  7. 2/3 HAYASHI HALL: 250 persons
  8. FULL HAYASHI HALL: 400 persons

Matsu Room 201

Capacity: 30 to 65

Our Matsu Room has a beautiful carpeted floor and plenty of natural light coming through the glass wall. Decorated on the east wall with some of our Museum pictures, it overlooks our Ellipse Lobby with a glimpse of our Garden. Smaller board meetings, birthday parties and baby showers are perfect in this room.


Meeting Style:     25 (Boardroom)

Theatre Style:       50

Standing:            65

Banquet:              25    

Room Size:         620 sqft


The Matsu room is equipped with a kitchenette.

Named after the Japanese Matsu tree, also known as the pine tree. Its beauty lasts all year long and adds a nice dash of green to a white winter landscape. Matsu trees have a very soothing scent.

Tsubaki Room 200

Capacity: 30 to 65

Decorated with historical pictures from the Nikkei Museum's archives, the Tsubaki Room makes an ideal space for boardroom meetings, strata AGMs, and other small gatherings.


Meeting Style:     35 (Boardroom)

Theatre Style:       65

Standing:              65

Room Size:         620 sqft


There is no kitchen available in this room.  

The Tsubaki Room's name comes from the Camellia japonica. It is an evergreen sub-canopy tree, commonly growing up to 3 to 6 meters tall, with occasional specimens reaching further. The tallest tsubaki on record is 18 meters high (that’s almost 60 feet!). The bark is an even gray color and smooth to the touch.

Kaede Room 210

Capacity: 35 to 55

Located on the second floor, our Kaede room is well-suited for small wedding receptions and boardroom meetings. The acoustics in this room are ideal for small choir or karaoke classes. Comes equipped with a small piano and spotlights.


Meeting Style:     35 (Boardroom)

Theatre Style:       50

Standing:            55

Room Size:         590 sqft


There is no kitchen available with this room.  

'Kaede' is the Japanese given name for Maple.  Maple trees have been a popular subject of Japanese art, poetry, and literature for thousands of years. Many classic Japanese works of art and poems are about the maple tree or of falling maple leaves.

Intergenerational Room 105

Capacity: 50 to 65

Skype, conference calls, high speed wireless available for board, AGM, small baby shower parties and birthday parties.


Meeting Style:     25 (Boardroom)

Theatre Style:       60

Standing:            65

Room Size:      700 sqft


Small residential-style kitchen available.

Our intergenerational room (or "IG room") is the only unique room at the Nikkei Centre not named after a tree.

Ellipse Lobby

Capacity: 120

Designed to accommodate 120 comfortably on a large scale, our Ellipse Lobby -- with its high ceiling and natural light -- offers a romantic setting for small receptions. The Ellipse Lobby is a great area for art displays and small exhibits, and would be perfect for a day trade show.

CAPACITIESJeff and Carolyn's wedding photo in the Ellipse Lobby

Meeting Style:     60 (Classroom)

Theatre Style:       140

Standing:            145

Banquet:             120    

Room Size:         2100 sqft


The Ellipse Lobby is not equipped with a kitchen.

Our unique curved lobby has two pillars that represent Japan and Canada: the Hinoki Cypress, and the Western Red Cedar.

Hayashi Hall

Capacity: 250 to 450

Designed to accommodate 400 on a large scale and divide into 1/3 and 2/3 for smaller parties, our Special Events Hall has a high ceiling with high placed windows on the east side. Our second level landing has a window with a view into the hall allowing photographers and participants to view the events happening within. This space is suited for wedding receptions, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, celebrations of life and anything else you can dream up.

CAPACITIESFull event hall setup

Meeting Style:       250 (Classroom)

Theatre Style:         400

Standing:              400

Banquet Capacity: 320

Room Size:         4500 sqft


The Special Event Hall is not equipped with a kitchen. For all catered events, the community kitchen will need to be added.

Known for the diverse array of events that are held in this hall. This is the space we offer you to create your dream event.