Nikkei Centre Maintenance Fund

Support the Nikkei Centre Maintenance Fund

The Nikkei Centre Maintenance Fund was established in 2015 through a generous gift from a friend of the NNMCC. The investment income earned by the Fund is dedicated to the preservation of NNMCC’s facilities. In 2016, it enabled Nikkei Centre to make vital renovations to the main floor washroom and replace carpets in the main floor hallways.

In 2020, Nikkei Centre turned twenty (20) years old and we continue build on the legacy of our founders to sustain this beautiful place.

Value This Fund Bring to the Community

• Helps the NNMCC to continue to offer our community programs and services in well-maintained facilities that are safe and secure, for now and future generations to enjoy. It means a healthy contingency is in place for urgent building needs, as they arise due to general building use and age, such as HVAC and water issues, equipment replacement, roofing, and drainage (to name a few).

• Helps generate additional funding for capital improvements and energy efficiency, so the NNMCC can to focus on funding programs and initiatives that further their charitable mission to honour, preserve and share Japanese Canadian history, heritage, art and Japanese culture for a better Canada.

Improvements the Fund has made possible to the NNMCC facility:
• Main floor washroom reno (2016)
• Recarpet main floor hallways (2016)

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