Where Songs Surface

Masako Miyazaki

Yoshimi Lee


Artists Masako Miyazaki + Yoshimi Lee

March 18 - September 16, 2023

Masako Miyazaki and Yoshimi Lee work independently in the photographic medium, to connect time, place, and memory. With different origins and inspiration for their practice, their paths intersect with their mutual talent for storytelling to expand the narrative beyond what is visible.

Miyazaki uses a parable of a monkey-monster from her country of birth to question our place within nature. She chooses organic processes and materials such as handmade paper and using sunlight. She combines photos with poetry to stimulate the imagination.  Lee uses lived experience as raw material, with photography, video, and writing of place to explore themes linked to her identity as an uprooted woman.

Lee contemplates her new home in Canada as a place of unquestioned acceptance.  Born in France, she traces her origins to Korea as both her parents and family were Korean residents in Japan in their early years; Lee immigrated to Canada 10 years ago. She grew up in a multi-cultural environment of French, Japanese, and Korean, and had many opportunities to visit her family in Japan while growing up and was particularly close with her grandmother there.  Masako Miyazaki was born in Tokyo and is currently living and working in Montreal.  She migrated alone while carrying her Japanese identity, and built her new life in Canada because she “appreciated the diversity and generosity of Canadian culture”.

This exhibit includes a heritage corner drawn from Nikkei National Museum's archives.

We are grateful for the support of the BC Arts Council, the Province of BC, Canada Council for the Arts, and CALQ.