Episode 24 – Cultural Centres

Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (left) at the official opening of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, 1964. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 2001.12.15

SJCTM - 24 - Cultural Centres

Just what is it with Japanese Canadian cultural centres, anyway? This episode, Raymond and Carolyn discuss this phenomenon, from the JCCC in Toronto to centres in Montreal, Steveston, and even the Nikkei Centre which they're recording out of. Different centres across Canada have unique and interesting origins related to varying histories of postwar Japanese Canadian settlement, and today continue to provide space for their local communities in many ways. Many were built with the help of the redress settlement, and are important venues for celebrating multiculturalism and Japanese heritage today.

Further reading:

"Art Miki: Canadian Redress Leader and Human Rights Champion". Interview with Norm Ibuki.

Check out your local centre:

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto)

Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre of Hamilton 

Ottawa Japanese Community Association/ Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre 

Lakehead Japanese Cultural Association (Thunder Bay) 

Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba 

Calgary Nikkei Cultural & Senior Centre

Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon

Vernon Japanese Cultural Centre

Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association 

Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society

Seven Potatoes Society (formally the Central Vancouver Island Japanese-Canadian Cultural Society)

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