Nikkei Place Foundation Receives A Transformational Gift

On November 25, 2016, British Columbia’s well-known philanthropist, Yoshiko Karasawa of West Vancouver, generously donated $1 million to the Nikkei Place Foundation in support of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre.

Nikkei Place was designed to build connections between Japanese Canadians and the broader Canadian community. This leadership gift from Ms. Karasawa will contribute to the redevelopment of the Nikkei National Museum, ensuring that Japanese culture, history, arts and exhibits continue to be promoted, thus building intercultural understanding and respect for all.

Ms. Karasawa was one of the founding directors and supporters of Nikkei Place in the 1990s. She has also contributed her time and expertise to other areas of the arts in Vancouver, particularly on the Board of the Vancouver Opera, where she has focused on introducing opera to the Asian community.

“Next year marks the 140th year of a Japanese presence in Canada. Yoshiko Karasawa’s gift will make it possible to bring together our communities, share past stories and make our National Museum at Nikkei Place an even more vibrant, rich, and welcoming place, “said Robert Banno, President of Nikkei Place Foundation.  “When the newly expanded museum opens in 2018, it will be the most significant contribution of Japanese Canadian culture and history since it first opened in 2002.”

Akiko Gomyo, President of Nikkei Place, added, “This donation is another example of Ms. Karasawa’s incredible generosity to the arts and culture of our community. Her leadership will help us redefine our museum – to be about exploration, visualization, sharing and education. It will be for all people”.