The Open Doors Project

Online exhibit

Discovering the diverse histories of Powell Street

Wouldn’t it be great if visitors to the Powell Street Festival could also walk up and down Powell Street and explore some of the businesses and workshops in the area?

This was the simple idea that started the Open Doors Project – a multidimensional project to help commemorate and animate the Powell Street area. Led by the Powell Street Festival Society in collaboration with the Nikkei National Museum, the initial idea grew to include permanent panels, a self-guided walking tour and an interactive website.

The end project includes 16 panels designed by artist Cindy Mochizuki which share snippets of information – of history, culture, stories, and memories. They hint at connections to the land and changes through time. With limited space, the panels only provide a small amount of information – an introduction into the intricate history of this fascinating neighbourhood!

Thank you to the City of Vancouver’s Great Beginnings program for funding the project. 

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