Washi 和紙

connecting cultures, countries, and generations


This exhibit was on display at Nikkei National Museum's Karasawa Gallery from July 16, 2022 to February 25, 2023.

Washi is Japanese handmade paper, steeped in tradition that dates back more than a thousand years and the foundation for a myriad of Japanese cultural arts. In artwork, washi traditionally is used in the making of mokuhanga or woodblock prints where there is an integral relationship between the paper and the artist’s expression.

Taking washi and mokuhanga as a starting point, this exhibit showcases the work of Canadian artists Naoko Matsubara and Alexa Hatanaka. Although from different generations, the trajectories of both artists include being of Japanese ancestry, working with the Inuit artist community in the North, and exploring the merging of cross-cultural techniques of Western and Eastern influences in their artmaking. Driven by curiosity, spontaneity, and supportive relations that mold their creative journey, the diversity of each artist’s oeuvre is fascinating to explore.

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The exhibit e-catalogue is downloadable below.


ふれいざー 松原直子インタビュー

Fraser Magazine article translated from Japanese by Naoko Matsubara and Dr. Arlene Gehmacher.

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We are grateful to launch this exhibit in cooperation with the Canadian Society for Asian Arts and with the support of the BC Arts Council and the Deux Mille Foundation.