Episode 16 – Japanese (Canadian) Food

Sukiyaki hotpot dish

Photo: Masayoshi Sekimura, via Flickr and Wikipedia

SJCTM - 16 - Japanese Food

In this episode, Raymond and Carolyn discuss some of their favourite Japanese (Canadian) cuisine, sharing stories and interesting facts about different dishes. Do you have a favourite Japanese or Japanese Canadian food that we didn't mention in the episode? Tell us about it!


Shoyu - soy sauce

Okazu - side dish

Kokuho Rose - a brand of Japanese-style rice

Senbe - rice crackers

Ajitsuke nori / nori - seaweed

Goma - sesame

Bento - lunch box

Ume - plum (sometimes short for Umeboshi - pickled plum)

Hijiki - seaweed (different type than nori)

Takuwan - radish pickle

Daikon - Japanese radish

Mochi - rice cake made of pounded rice

Mochitsuki - making mochi

Zoni - mochi soup

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