Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide Below is a select listing of teaching resources for learning about Japanese Canadian internment. It includes resources developed in-house by the Nikkei National Museum, collaborations with academic and […]

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TAIKEN Series: Our Elders, Our Stories

Interviews & Teaching Tools View interviews designed to give students, community members and the general public, primary resources from which to research and learn about Japanese Canadian history. The interviewees in […]

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Omoi: Cultural Experiences

Culture is a complicated word. The Nikkei National Museum knows many Japanese Canadians. We see a lot of different ways that different people think about being Japanese. We also see […]

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Nikkei Book Club

Nikkei Book Club ran in 2016 to read and discuss Nikkei literature in person and online. Check out the blog posts with discussion prompts for both books here. April-May 2016Chorus of […]

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Card game

Taiken: History Mystery Card Game

Taiken: History Mystery is an interactive educational card game about surviving the Japanese Canadian internment. Ready-to-play printed sets are available through our museum shop. Or, you can download the files below to print […]

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Aki Horii

Ask an Elder

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre hosts hundreds of students each year. They visit us to learn about Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian history and heritage. Many of these students are […]

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