Stories of My People by Roy Ito

“Stories of My People” by Roy Ito, originally published in 1994, offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on Japanese Canadian history. It serves as a valuable record of the contributions and stories of Japanese Canadians, intertwining community experiences with personal narratives from esteemed Nikkei pioneers like Manzo Nagano, Yasushi Yamazaki, Tatsuro Buck Suzuki, Tom Shoyama, and other significant figures within the Japanese Canadian community.

Roy Ito has masterfully uncovered captivating stories that epitomize the historical Japanese Canadian experience. His information derives from direct interviews and ongoing personal relationships with the individuals whose experiences he shares. Furthermore, as an insider to the community, Roy Ito brings his own distinct perspective, providing unparalleled knowledge and connections to his subjects.

This book serves as a vital resource for researchers, as it offers access to these rare and hard-to-find stories that are not readily available in other publications. However, obtaining a copy of the book can be challenging, as it is currently out of print and only available in hard copy. To address this issue and make the book more accessible, the NNMCC has responded to a request from Roy Ito’s family by producing an epub digital format. This digital edition aims to reach a wider audience and assist researchers worldwide. In a time when we have lost many of our elders who endured Japanese Canadian internment, reading “Stories of My People” provides a remarkable opportunity to connect with firsthand accounts from those who lived through these experiences. Although we cannot preserve our elders indefinitely, this digital book ensures that future generations can directly engage with the author and the numerous individuals he interviewed, allowing their legacies to endure.

We gratefully acknowledge the support from Metro Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia.


Available for free download (16MB)