Yoshi Hashimoto: President of the NNMCC Auxiliary since 2001.

Meet Yoshi Hashimoto, who has been the NNMCC Auxiliary President since 2001. The NNMCC Auxiliary provide volunteer service for the Nikkei Centre and the greater community. They raise funds to enhance the programs and facilities of the Centre, and supports the work of the staff of the Centre, as well as assisting with special events taking place at the Centre. The Auxiliary participates in events such as the NNMCC Craft Fair, NNMCC Flea Market, and the Powell Street Festival.

He was also recently featured as a Knowledge Network Partner (supporter). He continues to lead the NNMCC Auxiliary — they have been continuing to meet monthly online and support and collaborate with the NNMCC throughout COVID-19, and he himself has been onsite to volunteer through the summer months and plans to come out for more markets.