Iaido(居合道) Class


Instructor: Judith Farncombe 5th Dan, Shinbukan Canada

Date & Time: Mondays, 7:00pm-9:00pmiaido

Monthly Fees 
General: $50+5% Facility Fee+GST, Drop-in $15+ 5% Facility Fee+GST
Members: $42.50+ GST, Drop-in $12.75+GST
* Advance Registration required.

Registration: 604-777- 7000 / info@nikkeiplace.org
*Min 3 or class will be cancelled.

The Nikkei Centre now teaches the art of traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Iaido is a series of solo forms practiced using a katana, which builds character through physical and mental self-discipline.

The Shinbukan school has a direct line back to the founder of the Musō Shinden Ryū style (夢想神伝流), and we teach these traditional techniques as well as modern seitei iai. The club is led by 5 th and 4 th dan instructors and all gradings will be registered with the Canadian Kendo Federation and internationally.
Beginners are always welcome. Iaido is suitable for men and women of all ages and physical conditions, but we regret that we do not teach persons under the age of 16.


居合道クラス -New!


講師:Judith Farncombe

毎週 月曜日 午後7時~9時

<月会費 >
一般:$50+ 施設費5%+GST、ドロップイン   $15+ 施設費5%+GST
会員:$42.50 +  GST、ドロップイン$12.75+GST


お申し込みは  604-777- 7000 / info@nikkeiplace.org(日系センター)まで