National Volunteer Week – Every Moment Matters

The Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre is able to provide numerous programs thanks to the support of many dedicated and talented volunteers. Approximately 11,000 hours were contributed by about 400 volunteers in 2023. A big Thank You to all our wonderful volunteers!

We have various types of volunteer opportunities, allowing individuals to contribute in their respective fields of interest. We would like to introduce Ms. Yoshimi Kuroiwa, who has taken part in many volunteer opportunities.

In the past year and a half, Yoshimi has participated in various volunteer activities, including:

  • Calligraphy event assistant
  • Kids’ zone assistant at “Family Day,” “Cherry Blossom Festival,” and “Nikkei Matsuri”
  • Assistant for cultural programs introducing Japanese toys
  • Guide for Taiken program’s museum tours and building guide

Utilising her experience as an elementary school teacher, she primarily engaged in programs for students. During the Taiken education program’s museum tours, she explains the exhibited works to students. She provides explanations in Japanese to high school students visiting from Japan on school trips and in English to local students from BC schools. This volunteer opportunity provides a unique experience that can only be found at the Nikkei Center. Recently, she has also taken on the role of an instructor for the calligraphy program, further expanding her contributions.

The Taiken education program offers field trips for groups ranging from elementary school students to adults. Through multiple programs, participants learn about Japanese culture and the history of Japanese Canadians. We offer cultural programs such as calligraphy, origami, kimono dressing, Japanese dancing, judo, karate, manga, and more, aiming to make Japanese culture feel closer and foster interest.

For first-time volunteers, the Education Coordinator provides orientation beforehand and provides comprehensive support. We encourage individuals with no prior experience to participate.

We are planning to introduce new cultural programs, and we are currently recruiting volunteers to lead activities such as “Experience Japanese Toys,” “Furoshiki Wrapping,” and “Kirigami.” If you are interested, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Shiho at [email protected] / 604.777.7000 ext. 108.




  • 書初めイベントのアシスタント
  • 「ファミリーデー」「お花見フェスティバル」「日系祭り」のキッズゾーン・アシスタント
  • 日本のおもちゃを紹介する文化プログラムのアシスタント
  • Taiken教育プログラムの館内案内および博物館ツアー






ご興味がありましたら、ボランティア・コーディネータの志穂までご連絡下さい。[email protected] /604.777.7000 内線108