Community came together for Spring Bazaar

Nearly 2,000 attendees came to our annual Spring Bazaar on May 11, enjoying a day of shopping for Nikkei treasures and foods. The event featured Japanese plants and trees, including freshly picked fuki. This year, our members were treated to priority access to the flea market before the crowds, where they discovered Japanese items such as dolls, fans, dishes, and kimono and more from various vendors. Visitors eagerly lined up for foods made by the NNMCC Auxiliary members, including manju, anpan, ohagi, chirashizushi, inari, onigiri, and gyoza.

Nikkei Centre was bustling with Saturday’s Japanese language school and weekly programs, welcoming visitors to join in the fun, such as playing a game of  I-GO, and watching martial artists train. Nikkei Garden was in bloom with colourful spring blossoms, offering shade for picnicking, and an array of local Japanese food vendors. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who donated items and to all the enthusiastic shoppers. The proceeds from this event support our ongoing mission to celebrate, preserve, and promote the legacy and traditions of Japanese Canadians and Japanese culture in Canada.

NNMCC and NNMCC Auxiliary thanks all volunteers for their hard work in making the 2024 Spring Bazaar a success. NNMCC Auxiliary has been diligently planning and preparing for this event since the beginning of the year. O-tsukaresama deshita. Special appreciation goes to donors for providing sale items and plants. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Doomo arigatoo gozaimashita. We apologize to any donors who may have been inadvertently missed.

Akemi Komori
Akiko Gomyo
Elaine Homma
Fumiko Okada
Janice Arjomandi
Joseph Cantafio
Joyce Shimokura
Joyce Sim
Lillian Ozaki
Linda Kawamoto Reid
Louise Akuzawa
Lynne Ikeda
Max Katsuno
Megumi Ebata
Paul Bryden
Ron Imai
Ruby Okano
Setsu Miyanishi
T Omaye
Takako Iura
Trevan Wong
Vivien Chen
Yoshio Arai
Plus many anonymous donors