Nikkei Mochitsuki 2023 | 日系 餅つき

Join us to celebrate a year-end Japanese tradition

Date: Friday, December 29, 2023
Time: 11am - 3pm
Admission: Free

Nikkei Mochitsuki welcomes the community to experience mochitsuki traditions, flavours, and entertainment that promise a delightful experience for all ages.

Event highlights:

  • Fresh and Frozen Mochi for Sales
  • Mochi Pounding Demonstration
  • Pound Your Own Mochi
  • Stage Performances
  • Food and Drink Vendors

This event is presented in collaboration with the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association and NNMCC Auxiliary.


2023年12月29日 金曜日
11am - 3pm


  • お餅を販売します。
    • その場で食べられるつきたてのお餅(3個5ドル)
    • お持ち帰り用の冷凍餅(1パウンド10ドル)
  • バンクーバー日系ガーデナーズ協会による臼と杵を使った餅つきのデモンストレーションを行います。11時15分頃から。
  • 大人も子供も餅つき体験できますので、ぜひ当日にお申込みください。
  • ステージで踊りや太鼓のパフォーマンスがあります。
    • 11時 ちび太鼓
    • 1時 彩月会
    • 2時半 沖縄太鼓
  • お食事・おやつ・飲み物を提供するベンダーが出店します。


Mochi Sales

The NNMCC Auxiliary will be selling fresh and frozen handmade mochi.

  • A plate of fresh mochi (3pc.) - $5
  • A 1lb. bag of mochi to take home  - $10

Cash and card are both accepted.

How to Eat Mochi

Condiments will be available in the Hayashi Hall, where tables and chairs will be set up.

Fresh plain mochi can be enjoyed with savory or sweet condiments:

  • with soy sauce wrapped in seaweed
  • with grated daikon radish and soy sauce
  • with kinako (roasted and finely ground soybeans) and sugar

If you purchase frozen mochi to take home, mochi can be grilled, warmed in the microwave, or warmed directly in your ozoni or zenzai soup, until soft.

Experience Mochi Pounding

Mochi is made from glutinous rice, also known as mochigome. The steamed rice is transferred to a large, sturdy mortar called an usu and pounded with large wooden mallets called kine. The pounding is usually done by two people working in a coordinated manner.

The public is invited to pound the rice into mochi, following a demonstration by the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association starting around 11:15 am. Sign up yourself or your child for this fun cultural activity on the day.


11:00 am Chibi Taiko

Chibi Taiko

1:00 pm Satsuki-Kai Dance

2:30 pm Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

Food & Drink Vendors 11am-3pm

Ichiyo's Matcha Bar
Kanadell Japanese Bakery

Thank you to our supporters