Chino Otsuka: Arrival

June 11 – September 4, 2016

Chino Otsuka: Arrival


As a finalist for the coveted AIMA|AGO Photography Prize, Chino Otsuka, a Japanese artist currently living in England, completed a residency at the Nikkei National Museum (NNM) in 2014. This exhibition features work inspired by that residency. Through her exploration of the NNM archives, Otsuka discovered the early history of Japanese immigrants to Canada and became fascinated with the stories of young women who came as “picture brides”.  Otsuka will visually weave the stories of these young women by combining archive images and new photographs in an audio-visual installation.  Arrival captures the time of anticipation, hope, and adventure as they began their journey to a new country.

Listen to audio from the exhibit:

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Opening reception
Saturday, June 11, 2016
3-5pm, proceded by artist talk from 2pm.
Everyone welcome.

Public gallery tours - every Tuesday and Saturday during the exhibit at 2pm

Through Her Lens - a panel on work in film by Nikkei artists
Saturday, July 16, 2pm

Preserving Your Photographs workshop
Saturday, August 20, 2-4pm

Sunday Family Corner
June 12 & July 10, 12-4pm

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