Four delegates on the steps in Ottawa in 1936. Samuel I Hayakawa, Minoru Kobayashi, Hide (Hyodo) Shimizu, Edward Banno.

Episode 10 – Hide Hyodo Shimizu

1936 Delegation in Ottawa, Canada

At the Steps of Parliament. Left to Right: Samuel Hayakawa, Minoru Kobayashi, Hide Hyodo Shimizu, Edward Banno.
NNM 2000.


SJCTM - 10 - Hide Hyodo Shimizu

At 18 years of age, Hide Hyodo Shimizu was the first Japanese Canadian teacher to teach in British Columbia's public school system. She was part of the delegation sent to Ottawa in 1936 to campaign for voting rights for Japanese Canadians, along with Samuel Hayakawa, Edward Banno and Minoru Kobayashi. She was responsible for organizing schools in the internment camps in British Columbia and later moved to Ontario to attend art college.

Produced and Hosted by Raymond Nakamura and Scott Owens
Music by Aiko Saita


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