Episode 5 – The Murder of Naokichi Watanabe

SJCTM - 5 - The Murder of Naokichi Watanabe

On the night of March 29, 1931, Naokichi Watanabe was murdered in Japantown.  The suspects were Shinkichi Sakurada, Tadao Hitomi and Bunshiro Fujino.  The murder weapon was a hatchet.  The motive was insurance money. The Japanese Canadian community was in an uproar - fueled by Japanese newspapers' headlines.  What happened next?  Dooo dooo dooooooo.

(A link to the Vancouver Police Museum's blog entry on Oakalla Prison.)

Produced and Hosted by Raymond Nakamura and Alexis Jensen

Music by Aiko Saita


Ito, Roy. Stories of My People: A Japanese Canadian Journal. Hamilton: S-20 and Nisei Veterans Assocation, 1994.