Episode 6 – Pidgin…Bamboo English…Japlish?


Pigeons pidgining by Raymond Nakamura

SJCTM - 6 - Pidgin...Bamboo English...Japlish?

In this quick and casual episode, Raymond and Alexis look at the mixing of the Japanese and English languages - sometimes called pidgin.  We had hoped to tell you more about Japanese-Canadian Pidgin but sadly no sources, besides Raymond's brain, were found.  So instead, we cobbled together some historically interesting mixes between English and Japanese along with Raymond's recollections.  Enjoy.

Yokohama Dialect Table

Yokohama Dialect Table from Stanlaw's Japanese English.

Produced and Hosted by Raymond Nakamura and Alexis Jensen

Music by Aiko Saita


Norman, Arthur MZ.  "Bamboo English the Japanese Influence upon American Speech in Japan," in American Speech , Vol. 30, No. 1 (Feb., 1955) , pp. 44-48.

Stanlaw, James. Japanese English: Language and Culture Contact. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, HKU, 2004.