Episode 7 – Prisoner of War Camps

2012-18-2-31Cartoon of Prisoners Playing a Board Game at Angler POW Camp, 1943.
by Thomas Sando (Tamio Kuwabara)

SJCTM -7 - Prisoner of War Camps

A day after Pearl Harbour, a large handful of Japanese Nationals were rounded up and shipped to Prisoner of War Camps in Canada.  Later they were joined by Japanese Canadians.  Over the course of the war, around 800 issei and nisei were sent to POW camps.  In this episode, Raymond and Alexis look at the camps and the men who were put inside them.


Men's Sleeping Quarters and Washrooms (H Huts), Angler POW Camp, Ontario, 1942.

Produced and Hosted by Raymond Nakamura and Alexis Jensen

Music by Aiko Saita

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