Membership discounts at Chado Tea House

NNMCC Membership Program - Featured Partner

Chado Tea House supports our organization through providing NNMCC members with a 10% discount on online purchases and events.  Support NNMCC and local Nikkei businesses by signing up or renewing your NNMCC membership today. 

Chado Tea House recommends two types of sakura tea (cherry blossom tea) to welcome the arrival of spring, as well as a gentle soothing Gyokuro Kukicha Karigane Stem Tea.
Benifuuki Green Tea is also recommended for those looking to ease pollen allergies. 

Established in Vancouver in 2005, Chado Tea House offers Japanese teas for various occasions, from everyday staples to premium grades for special occasions. They work with reputable tea estates from Shizuoka to Kagoshima, bringing monthly shipments of the highest quality teas to their collection. Their focus is on providing quality products and services that meet customers' expectations, making it the best place to buy Japanese green tea online.



今月は日系センターを応援していただいているビジネス、Chado Tea Houseを紹介します。NNMCC会員は、オンラインショップ とイベントで10%の割引が受けられます。 NNMCC会員に登録または更新して、NNMCCと地域の日系ビジネスのサポートをよろしくお願いします。


Chado Tea Houseは、2005年にバンクーバーで設立され、日々飲むお茶からハイグレードなお茶まで、さまざまな機会に合わせた日本茶を提供しています。静岡から鹿児島まで、信頼できる茶園と協力して、月に一度、最高品質の茶葉を輸入しています。