The Suitcase Project

A collaboration with Kayla Isomura

June 16 – September 2, 2018

The Suitcase Project asks yonsei and gosei (fourth and fifth generation) Japanese Canadians and  Americans what they would pack if uprooted from their homes in a moment’s notice.

While these descendants of the internment and incarceration may never have to endure the same forced uprooting as their ancestors, Kayla Isomura’s work examines how they, and those descended from families who experienced other forms of discrimination, remain affected by this history today through a series of photographs, short films and interviews.

Over the course of nearly three months, more than 80 subjects ranging in age and background shared their stories from cities in British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA.

With videography by Mark Yuen and music by Garin Fahlman.