Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me Podcast

Nikkei Women series

During the run of the “Iron Willed: Women in STEM” exhibition, we will be sharing stories of Nikkei Women. Lives of remarkable Japanese Canadian women who have survived through the Japanese Canadian internment will be presented by Julie Tamiko Manning.

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Image: Irene Uchida NNM 2017.

Marpole Monogatari

We present stories of Marpole, Vancouver, British Columbia where Japanese Canadians lived, worked, and built a community before they were forcibly uprooted and relocated in 1942.

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This podcast is made possible through financial support from the Yosef Wosk Publication Grant, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and TECHNATION Career Ready Program.

Image: L-R: Yachiyo Miike and Mitsuye Miike in front of neighbour’s house in Marpole. Circa 1929. Courtesy of Barb Miike Gravlin.

Season 1: 2013-2017

Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me is a monthly podcast hosted by Raymond Nakamura and staff members at the Nikkei National Museum. They sit around a microphone (usually in the museum’s collection vault – for ambience) and have a casual discussion on a chosen Japanese Canadian topic. The goal of this endeavour is to entertain and wow people about Japanese Canadian history and culture.

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